Thursday, December 26, 2013

Keith's Passion (This Blogging Thing)

Wow! Today!  This day in 2007, Six years ago...My wife and I created this template...and published the very first blogpost I ever wrote...I believe it just said "Testing...One two three..." There was maybe a sentence more...but that was the beginning of my blogging career...Within weeks ,I was up and running, writing this blog on an almost daily basis, commenting on other blogs and making friendships with like minded people...

Keith's Space..."Whatever is On my Mind today" was born on this day...Blogs were in vogue...everybody who was anybody had one or was starting one...Everybody had something unique to say... Within eight months...I had the audacity to launch my second blog, Escapades...My Creative alter ego...A blog where because of it's episodic and serialized well as erotica, poetry, art and music has actually surpassed this one in popularity and traffic... I waited two years and launched my third and final blog.."Good Foodie...My adventures in good cuisine and the places that serve it."

I write all three of these blogs on a near daily basis...Something I may slow down a bit in the future... Sad to say...Not too many of the people I originally started this blogging thing with still blog today...Facebook ,Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Tumblar have all cropped up and many bloggers find it easier to say what they have to say in short quotes in these mediums...Blogs are no longer the rage anymore..

Also...that thing called life has crept up on many and they just don't have the time or the will to write blogposts anymore like they did in the beginning...Sad to say...Many of my former blog family have closed down their blogs or haven't posted in years....

I've thought about it....Because I too have a Facebook and a Twitter account..I was actually going to shut this blog and Good Foodie down this year at one point and just write Escapades....I thought better of it...I love all three of my blogs...And I like the fact that I can expound my ideas in more than 148 charactors...I like that I can tell my stories...Real and Fiction in this medium....My blogs are here to stay until I get bored or tired...Which I doubt will ever happen...I love to write....And this way..I can write whatever and publish it and it be seen by whoever is looking....

I have lots of lurkers out there...I see you...I wish you would comment...I'd love to hear your thoughts...I have a loyal following of friends who read and comment on all of my blogs...That gives me hope....But I'd like t hear from even more people.

Truth be told...I'd be blogging if nobody was commenting or reading...Because writing is just my passion...

So Happy Blogoversary Keith's Space..Six years and still going strong....And kudos to my fans and readers of Escapades and Good Foodie too..They aren't going anywhere ,anytime soon..


Rich in the STL said...

Happy Blogoversary. I still read you. I get you by email daily at the job.

Have you thought about expanding your audience and linking to your facebook page? That's how I keep up with Kyle's blog, The 12th Planet. Who knows, you may inspire others to come back or encourage others to comment.

As you mentioned, I thought about returning to blogging, but I don't know if I could commit the way I did in the past, so I just let that baby sit. But, I've been getting the itch. Who know's I may make an appearance before the year is out.

Again, happy blogoversary. I really enjoy reading your posts.

SLC said...

Lurking 1 2 3


"Mommy, can I go to Timmy's blog and play?"

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