Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What I've Learned (The Best Of)

As this year closes out...Here is the best of What I've Learned...

1..My Mother told me early in life that "Everybody is not going to like you and if they do, then you're doing something wrong."

2. Don't look back unless it's a great view.

3. Having People tell you everything you want to hear doesn't help you or the person lying to you.

4. Sometimes, the closer you look at something , the more complex it becomes.

5.Practically all of my aunts and uncles taught me something as I was growing up...I'd like to think they left a part of themselves with me.

6. Friendship requires investment.

7.You're only as good as the day after they tell you you're great!

8. The Good Guy doesn't always win...but neither does the Bad guy...The right guy wins!

9. I'm a Baptist now (I converted to the Baptist faith when I got married.) I try to take communion as much as possible..Still it's very important to me to go through this little drill about what God's purpose in life for me is before I get out of bed every morning. (I still don't know.)

10. It's really sad that some adults act like children...Most children want to be adults one day.

11.It's a divine accident that any of us are on this Earth...Living and existing at this time....I'm humbled when I think of it all!

12. You are ultimately, the person you think you are!

Everyone have a joyous and prosperous New Year!


Sunflower said...

I always love these Keith!

Toni said...

Number one is on point..Sorry I missed this!

Angie B. said...

Wow! I missed it too..we've been spending too much time on your other blogs...Escapades and Good Foodie.
Love these!


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