Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's Great Being A Black Man In Amerika~!

I don't watch Fox News...In fact unless an Eagles game is being broadcast on Fox...I don't watch the network at all...Not even the Simpsons or Family Guy which is probably the most intelligent commentary on the whole network...

So I wasn't watching when Brit Hume(pictured above) made his comments...which have my Black Twitter, Facebook and Blogger friends about to blow a gasket...I mean ,what do you expect? He's a 70 year old conservative Republican White male talking to the few like minded individuals like himself that are still alive and lucid....

During this week’s broadcast of Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace brought up Attorney General Eric Holder’s remarks before Reverend Al Sharpton's National Action Network on Wednesday. During the event, Attorney General Holder implicated that race was a factor in the treatment he has received from Republicans in Washington.

ChrisWallace wanted to have a discussion about how big a factor race is in Washington, especially when it comes to how President Obama and Eric Holder are treated.

Of course, since we are talking about Fox News, the panel that Wallace had on for this discussion was quite diverse. That is if diverse means all white. Yes, just as we’ve seen these past few days, Fox News loves to discuss race and the impact of racism, but only if they can do so with an all-white panel. The first person that Wallace discussed this topic with was Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume...Pictured above...

WALLACE: Attorney General Eric Holder complaining about treatment of him and also the president after another testy exchange with House Republicans on Capitol Hill. And we’re back now with the panel. Well, Attorney General Holder said the Obama administration has faced, his words, “unprecedented, ugly opposition” and speaking to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, he clearly implied it’s because of race. Brit, does he have a point?
HUME: I don’t think so. And I think, you know, first of all, it’s false that no attorney general and no president have been subjected to this kind of treatment. After all, Bill Clinton was impeached. Think about that for a moment. John Mitchell went to jail. I mean the list is long of attorneys general and other officials who have been subjected to some very rough treatment on Capitol Hill and elsewhere. And this strikes me as kind of crybaby stuff from Holder. My sense of that this is that both Eric Holder and Barack Obama have benefited politically enormously from the fact that they are African-American and the first to hold the jobs that they hold. And this, I don’t know if he’s specifically meant race or not. I suspect perhaps he did. But to those two men, race has been both a shield and a sword that they have used effectively to defend themselves and to attack others. And I think it is depressing at this stage in our national life after all we’ve been through on this issue and given the overwhelming consensus on the issue of civil rights that this kind of stuff is still going on.

Yes Mr. Hume...They have benefited greatly from being African -American males...I know if it were left up to you and your kind....by that,I mean conservative Republican Tea Party types...Civil Rights legislation would be pushed back to 1954 levels...and it would still be great to be an African-American man in this great country of ours...Excuse me...Negro!!!

I digress....I don't get bent out of shape at conversations like the one Wallace and Hume have...The reason why is because I know that they aren't talking to me...They are never talking to me on that network...And no matter how much they cry and whine and complain...here is the fact...The American People...Black,Latino, Asian, Indian and yes...White people elected a Black man president twice....And we have a Black Attorney General and a Latina Supreme Court Justice...There is nothing they can do about that until 2016 and I have a feeling that in 2016 ,they are in for another bitter pill...A woman in the white house!!!

So Britt Hume...You are so right....It's Great Being a Black man in America at this day and time...I wish my grandfather and all of those countless, nameless ,faceless now brothers hanging from the trees in the old south were here to see this day!

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Arlene said...

Yes cousin, I don't watch Fox either! But tell your friends to hold their gaskets till election day!! Please ask them to vote and to use their influence with others to cast a ballot. Brit and his ilk do their talking and then they walk to the ballot box and make their words felt. We must do the same. Less than 15% of our neighbors voted for the "stank" governor we have, and could you believe he is the highest paid of all the governors in the US?!? I like to talk that talk and follow it up with a vote. We've got to follow through!!


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