Wednesday, April 23, 2014

While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping or watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta....The Supreme Court  upheld the State of Michigan's ban on Affirmative Action....

Did that copy?I guess congratulations are in order for those who have considered affirmative action some form of reverse racism. 

While I will get into this a little deeper later on this week...(I just got home from class..I'm dog tired), for some reason I can't help shaking my head at the fact that at the University of Michigan, only 4.6 percent of undergrads are black. But check this out, the majority of the Michigan football team is black, and the basketball team is littered with black athletes, too.

 I t just goes to show that admissions standards don't mean a damned thing so long as you can throw a football or sink a basketball for the Plantation Owners of college athletics, oops, Did I say that?  I meant the athletic department that invariably funds the academic departments that non-athletically inclined blacks won't get an opportunity to matriculate within.

Think on that for a minute...I'll be talking about this some more...I promise....


Anonymous said...

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Shawn Long Sr. said...

I have been saying this all along. We could use the fact that so much money is spent on college athletics and make the HBCU's not only a powerhouse on the field but politically as well. I am an OSU grad and would gladly send my child to an HBCU. If all these kids at the major Universities would decide overnight to go to a HBCU, the power shift would be almost immediate as far as the money that would now be on the table for the HBCU's. I kid you about your Florida teams, but in reality, I would be the first to support an initiative to begin to build up the admissions of our schools. The HBCU's would then have the responsibility to use added funds to refurbish infrastructure and resources. It can be done! Oh by the way, who the Hell wants to go to the mistake that calls itself scUM anyway!! LOL

Anonymous said...

It's very sad that we're marginalized by athletic prowess. We're not good enough to be academically qualified to attend, but as long as we can make the school look good athletically, we're great! That's the bullshigitty that must be overcome. While I didn't attend and HBCU, I did attend a school that has consistently had low minority attendance. We were fortunate to have had a minority president who did her absolute best to know all her students, but went the extra mile to ensure she go to know all the minority ones. We thrived and flourished because she held us accountable for our presence on the campus. Sadly, since her passing and the introduction of a new and white male president, the minority community is greatly neglected.

It's a sad state of affairs that in 2014 racism continues to blatantly flourish


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