Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Photo Says A Thousand Words

An awesome silent protest last night on the campus of Howard University, Washington , D.C.

These students were protesting the shooting death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and the shooting of another man in Los Angelas just a day before..


Vonn Berry said...

To think that America in 2014 is still doing the same thing to African Americans (men in particular) is very sad. Not to sound negative but I always said the illness called racism will be the thing to destroy America. As I travel more an more extensively around the world, I see the progress other nations are making in terms of development. Then when I look at America it seems as if we are no longer light years ahead of the rest of the world. They have caught up! An if America continues to suppress its future generations (African Americans & Latinos, the fastest growing segments of our population), America will no longer find itself in the leadership role of the free world!

Chuck Hobbs said...

So the hacker "Anonymous" has declared August 14th a "Day of Rage." I appreciate the hacker's passion, and I will join in in spirit down in Cuba. But my brothers and sisters, a day of rage is not enough. I remember us screaming for justice for Sean Bell, Troy Davis, Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis, and within weeks, we don't hear or read much about efforts for change anymore. So no, we don't need just a day of rage, we need to be on permanent outrage about the fact that while I see terrorists in court each day down here in Cuba, that the tragic fact is that a cop with a gun and a badge is a greater threat to my life than Al-Qaeda will ever be....‪#‎dontshoot‬ ‪#‎I‬ Am a Man ‪#‎Dayof‬ Rage

James Patterson said...

One day when the history of this period is written, we will note that the US elected its first Black President and then proceeded to lose its f'king mind. That was the last straw for a segment of this country that could not stomach anymore equality BS. This is how they "they take their country back": through the murder of unarmed Black people by police and self-appointed vigilantes; through the verbal assault of brown children at the border; through the armed defiance of legitimate law enforcement that would question their "right" to violate the law and do as they please. This is the America of the Obama Era. This is a defining moment for this country


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