Thursday, February 12, 2015

Who Is The Real Terrorist?

Take a real good look at the person pictured above...He probably thinks he is a patriotic American...
What he is ,is a murderer...What he is ,is a hate filled idiot fueled with hatred that is generated by pundits on Television and other media who should know better.

His name is Steven Craig Hicks.

Yesterday,Steven Craig Hicks killed three young Muslim students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
 While it hasn't been said yet, I strongly suspect that in addition to capital murder charges, that this will be deemed a hate crime.

You see, walking and breathing among us each day are folks who cannot discern between an ISIS or Al Qaeda terrorist and a peace loving Islamic man or woman. And  let me be clear, there are millions of patriotic Americans who happen to be of the Muslim faith...I work with them,I've taken classes with them..I have served in the U.S. Military with them.

They  work hard, pay their taxes, fight and die in the name of America in the military, and yet the persistent and ignorant theme from many on the far right and even a few on the left (like  Bill Maher) has the most idiotic people among us truly believing that "all" Muslims are engaged in Jihad and thus, are the enemies of America. It would almost be funny if it was not so deadly serious and frightening.

What happened in North Carolina was certainly not funny...

Makes me wonder...Who is the real terrorist? Who should I fear more..Somebody in ISIS and or Al Queda or some drunken idiot in a pick up truck who's only frame of reference is Rush Limbaugh or Bill OReilley ??? Who is the real terrorist?

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