Saturday, August 8, 2015

Donald Trump Really?

I watched that Republican Debate Thursday night and all that was missing was some buttered movie popcorn.....

17 guys are running and 16 of em were scared to death of Donald Trump..a clown if ever there was one...At times I didn't know if this was a real debate or an episode of"The Apprentice".

The moderaters had more guts than the other candidates. Megan Kelly had more stones than all of those men...She went after Trump... but somehow I don't think... it worked. Trump unabashedly answerd all the questions truthfully(and showed how foul he really is) and came back with his own heat for Megan Kelly.

I really don't think FOX NEWS realizes that the Republican party of today is made up of hateful and spiteful mysoginistic men and self hating women who agree with Donald Trump especially about Rosie O'Donell who is liberal and gay..., So you know they hate her...(OR MAYBE THEY DO!) Further, most can see that this was a set up to boost Jeb Bush past Trump since Roger Ailles ,the station CEO is related to the Bush family...but it didn't work......Lawd Jesus...All I needed was some buttered popcorn and a Coke.

That was a real clown show....The sad thing is....This is where our politics have gone today....Performance and personality over real solutions and ideals.....

Beware the cult of personality!

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