Monday, August 3, 2015

What I've Learned

1.If you look at things after two years,it doesn't seem like much has changed...but if you look back after ten years, the whole world has changed...

2.We are all in a constant state of evolution.

3.You're a different person in every decade of your life.

4.To be a Butterfly, you have to first understand the worm!

5.We've all done things we'd like to take back....but in life..there are no do overs

6.I believe in Heaven....Have to have something to look forward to after all of this is over..

7.Good Genes is what really make you look good for your age...not much else!

8.I learned more about love and relationships after one ended badly....I was always better for the next girl.

9.Most women think that love and sex are inseperable or the same thing...Men know differently.

10.Here's something I learned....If you say to somebody ,let me tell you'll immediately turn them off...If you say..."Let me share something with you"...Then you got their attention,because you've made them a part of it.

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