Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stevie Wonder

I saw Stevie Wonder yesterday....Yeah,I know...I usually talk about something political now of days on this blog...But I remember when I used to lighten up a bit and tell funny stories and talk about the good things in life....Every once in awhile..

Well this is one of them...I saw Stevie Freakin Wonder in a live thirty minute concert in downtown Philadelphia yesterday...I wrote on my facebook page yesterday-
"Stevie Wonder was awesome...He did five songs ("Love Is In Need of Love Today", "Contusion", "Hey Love" ,"Uptight,Everything is Alright" and "I Wish") and held a mini press conference....Just got back...I'm as wet as a fish...It's Hot in Philly today!"

Earlier in the day he  performed 5 Songs at Armory Mall in Washington, D.C. The free concert, announced by the D.C. Office of Motion Picture and Television Development, took place at Armory Mall outside of RFK Stadium at 10 a.m. EDT.
Then he was here in Philadelphia from Three until Four and he headed for New York City's Central Park.....
Three cities in one day....He truly is the eighth wonder of the universe....
Made my day.....

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