Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Real(istic) Family Values

Yes..I saw the stupid(but well paid for ads) denouncing Planned Parenthood...and I wondered to myself...Why would these clowns, who are supposedly so pro life be against a plan that educates poor and inner city women and men on how to limit the number of children they have basically...thus keeping the welfare rolls down that these same Republicans claim are so full..?

It teaches the use of and the reason for contraceptives so that pre-marital sex and even marital sex wpn't lead to an unwanted pregnancy!  If they are so family values minded as they say....Then they should have been completely on board with this...This is real family values or should I say Realistic Family Values...we no longer live in the era where anybody can just have child after child...(Like the Waltons...) They can't afford it...Families should plan...Everybody has limited resources....Like I said..Realistic Family Values.

Yet these guys once again came up with yet another non-issue...since they've all but lost on so called Obamacare(The Affordable Care Act) and Gay Marriage... Planned Parenthood...Let's defund that, they said...

The Republicans' hoax video smear campaign failed; Planned Parenthood has won! Democrats stuck together (for once) and defeated the Republicans in a 53-46 vote that fell short of the 60 votes needed to proceed...It was frightening that it even got that close...

What will the Wingnuts rally around next?  It's frightening to even speculate!

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