Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Somebody Doesn't Want Somebody To Vote

Here we go again!   As another Presidential election looms and as mid term elections loom, the powers that be or rather the powers on the right that be are gearing up to try a lot of shenanigans to keep people from voting..

Well let's just call it like it really is...To keep African-Americans  and Latinos from voting in masse...Does the word gerrymandering ring a bell?

It's a fancy word for redistricting....Politicians are changing districts and demanding that people have photo ID's anything to slow down voting in the Black and Latino and poor communities...(They used to use the Klan...)

"Despite a budgetary pretext, the consequence of this decision is to deny the most vulnerable in Alabama an equal opportunity to obtain a means to vote," Sewell wrote. "These closures will potentially disenfranchise Alabama's poor, elderly, disabled and black communities."

Before this President, Barack Obama was elected....Does anyone recall having to have a photo ID to vote?  Does anyone recall anyone crowing about voter fraud?  I do not...

The closures, announced last week, drew a firestorm of criticism -- including from Democratic Presidential hopeful,Hillary Clinton, who called them "a blast from the Jim Crow past" -- out of concerns that it will be that much harder for poor and minority citizens to meet the requirements for the state's tough voter ID law.

But don't you see? That's the plan!

Alabama officials have continued to defend the voter ID law and say those without driver's licenses or the handful of other approved forms can obtain free state issued ID from local boards of registrar.

We'll see....It's Alabama after all...The deep south or shall I call it as I see it..The Dirty South....If you can't win the game fair and square...change the rules...rig the game...

Thank God...Alabama has Represenative Terri Sewell ...I wrote about her before in 2011...

She was representing her district that had been struck hard by tornados and fighting the then Tea Party led Congress that was holding up relief funds in a failing effort to make the Obama Administration look bad....

These past 6 or 7 years has been like armed combat politically...Thank God we have soldiers like her on the front lines who are actually doing the people's business and looking out for those who have no voice otherwise...

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