Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spilled Milk

I didn't write anything yesterday... I wasn't in the mood. As you know by now, the Republicans went wild and won 60 seats in the House. They didn't take the Senate, but they added enough members to make sure that gridlock will rule the day and this was predicted. I tried to wish and hope for a surprise ending, but apparently this isn't the year or the age of surprises. So, what the hell happened two nights ago?

The Republicans, who are very good at presenting a simple uncomplicated message, got that message out and it paid off in spades. They also spent a lot more money than the Democrats and had a major network (those fair and accurate folk at Fox News) broadcasting their propoganda 24/7. They successfully demonized both President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and (in effect) came as close as you may ever see of a hostile takeover of the government... game, set, and match! Okay, take a deep breath, assess the situation and move from there.

First off, while they have the house, they still don't have a fillibuster-proof majority. Second, they failed to take the Senate. They did some damage, but the Dems still control the Senate. President Obama has the power of the veto and now it's his turn to say "No!" Now that the Republicans seemingly have the upper hand, they will be held accountable for the direction the country goes. And, as my grandmother would say... "It's put up or shut up time!" Since they refused to tell us just how they would create jobs, salvage the housing industry, and balance the budget, now is their chance to do just that. They can no longer sit back and just say "No!" to everything and they better have an alternative plan that works or else... because, come the next mid-term election, what happened a few nights ago could be happening to them (ala 2006 and 2008 when the Democrats ran them out of the Senate and the House).

If I'm a Democratic strategist right now, I'm already thinking ahead to 2012 and going into full attack mode. I'm calling in markers, raising money, and getting in touch with labor, Latinos, African Americans, and the youth. I'm re-organizing voter registration drives and planning an all out media blitz. I'm hammering home my successes. See, the Republicans went into this kind of attack mode the day after Barack Obama got sworn in... the Democrats can learn from them and begin now to strategize how they're going to come back from this.

There is no need and no time to cry over spilled milk. What has happened has happened. All you can do now is assess how much you've been hurt, where you've been hurt, and clean that up. Then you develop a strategy on how you come back from this. Politics is a dirty cut-throat game. Make no mistake... this is the game and it's either play or get played. If you want to stay in the game, you got to to play to win. and if it takes being a ruthless bastard to win the game, then so be it.

One of the few times my mother came to see me in a track meet in high school, was a time when I lost a race. As we were going home she said... "Wow, tough break today. What are you going to do?" I looked at her, smiled, and said... "Tomorrow, I'm going to be out on that track bright and early practicing and working on my wind and endurance. Next time you come and see me, I'll win." She said... "That's what I wanted to hear." She never saw me win the rematch, but she was there beaming with pride later on that year when I won the P.I.A.A. Coaches Award trophy. My mother could have cared less about track, but what she was concerned about was that I didn't let a set back break my spirit. She always said... "There's no need in cryin' over spilled milk. It's over, tomorrow is another day, and what'cha gonna do?" So, to the Democratic Party, lick your wounds and then regroup. Tomorrow is another day, what'cha gonna do?

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2cute4u said...

Hmmm, I 'd just maintain my position on the fence and watch as the drama/saga unfolds..


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