Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What If? That's The Question!

By the time you read this, I will probably be at the polls voting and volunteering my services. I plan to bring coffee, donuts, and pastries and help out when and wherever I can. I am hoping there will be a scene like the one I saw two years ago. There was a crowd of people that led around the corner. It was the first time ever that I can remember having to wait in a line to vote. People were excited and hopeful then. Young white volunteers were helping elderly Black people into the voting place and guys I had never seen voting (or for the matter, doing much anything that resembled responsible behavior) were surprisingly registered and casting their vote. It was truly an experience.

I remember that nobody was impatient and everybody was willing to wait their turn to vote. There was brevity in the air. People came with sandwiches, coffee, pastries and whatever... and a car radio was blasting music. It was just what we needed in that crowd to sustain us and to press forward. The day was overcast and it threatened rain, but that was not going to deter these people. People who finally, it seemed, had something to believe in again.

I'm hoping for that same crowd and enthusiasm again tomorrow. It's important. I keep thinking that, in spite of what the papers, experts, and polls have to say about the Republicans poised to take over the house and the senate. What if all of these polls are wrong? What if all of the people they didn't poll (which is just about everybody I know) and all of the young folks with their cell phones, BlackBerries, and iPods, who also weren't polled or contacted, turn this thing around. What if we all went out to vote and gave the Tea Party a black eye!

What if? I can only ponder. Even so, my polling place is just one place. It's got to be a group effort... it's got to be national in scope. Will my one little vote count one way or another? I know that a lot of people are wondering the same thing as I write this post.

What if? That's the question! Please vote today people! Bad politicians get elected by good citizens who wouldn't come out to vote.


2cute4u said...

Le's just hope the people have not gotten despondent or worse, lost faith..
Nice one Keith!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Amazing how people will stand in line for a concert ticket, the latest IPhone, Black Friday, etc...

I'm with you....What if?

Love and miss you!
Love and continued peace to you and the family!

bayoucreole said...

I agree.

I'm really excited about today. My 18 year old son gets to vote for the first time!

Arlene said...

I'm with you cousin! I like the "what if..." If we go to the polls in strong numbers we can stem the hate of the tea party and help ourselves too! Could anybody imagine John Behner Speaker of the House?? Who will he work with to make the quality of life better? Corbett here in PA has said the 1st thing he will do is "cut." Do folks think he means his hair? He'll do what republicans do-- cut jobs and salaries to put that money in their own bank accounts. They use the money ripped off from the people to educate their children on how to keep the system going and deny other people's children a decent education.

I'm working this morning. When I dismiss class at noon, I'm going to the polls and work just like you! I'll be knocking on doors in my neighborhood and reminding folks what Toomey will do for them with their own tax dollars...give it to his friends!

Yes let's vote!!
P.S. I had a small disagreement with a man standing at Broad & Chestnut this morning with one of those Obama as Hitler signs. I am wearing my "Legacy of Hope" button today and we exchanged "pleasantries," so to speak. When I thought about the picture of Obama and Dr. King that I'm wearing, I remembered Dr. King and told the man that I loved him despite his signage. I told him I'd pray for his awakening. When I got inside the building and onto the elevator another passenger said the he was definitely going to vote after the exchange he saw between me and the guy, noting the ignorance of the man. I'm glad I kept my cool then.
[Now I'm organizing my co-workers to go back downstrairs with some spray paint and our union sticks! LOL]

Rich Fitzgerald said...

I hope you all in Philly fared better than those of us in St. Louis. We got us a straight redneck in the US Senate. After winning, he refused to speak to St. Louis news cameras because he knew our city (majority black) didn't back him.


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