Monday, November 8, 2010

What I've Learned

1. Americans have a politically short memory.

2. American voters are a fickle lot, throwing the bums out one minute and re-electing them the next.

3. The most frustrating thing is when you see your nation headed down the wrong track and all you have is your one vote, which isn't enough to stop it!

4. When you're depositing a large sum of money in the bank, they don't ask if you're a Democrat or a Republican, a left-winger or a conservative. They don't care if you're Black, White, Chinese, Gay, Straight, Baptist, or Muslim... All they care about is that money and they treat you nice because of that money!

5. I just started paying my bills online... you used to say, "The check is in the mail." You can't say that anymore!

6. People let their guards down a little more when they're eating.

7. I try to avoid most conflicts and fights... but once I'm in one, I'm in it to win it!

8. My mother always told me that at the end of your life, if you had three friends you could depend on, then that was a bounty. I think she was right!

9. Once you're over fifty, you shouldn't have to do anything you don't want to do!

10. It's not until you fight for something that you realize just who you are!


2cute4u said...

So true!, All of that..
Have a great week!

Mizrepresent said...

Great list and @ #9, nor should you have to please anyone but yoursself! Have a good one Keith!"

Reggie said...

True, so very true.

Arlene said...

Hey, I like #9. But I have to work eventhough I don't want to.


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