Wednesday, March 9, 2011

5 Questions

In the spirit of "What I've Learned " and "Random Thoughts" and "Weekend Humor" and "Saturday 7" ...I created a new recurring post that I'd like to call "5 Questions " in which I will talk very briefly about five given things on any given day...Keeping in the spirit of my other randoms! I hope you all dig this.

1. Why Do You Blog?

"I blog basically because I have a lot to say and frankly ,I'm too lazy and too impatient to write a book. This is the best way for me to say what is on my mind and actually "publish " it for a wide population of people to see. If I ever decide that I actually want to use my talent to make money, then I suppose I'll have to find a publisher and an editor and write a book...Until then..I'll blog."

2.Describe your blogs-

"Well, this blog..."Keith's Space" is my baby.....My wife and I conceived and launched this blog the day after Christmas, 2007....She envisioned me writing about politics, sports and a wide range of subjects on this blog, which I do and including my poetry and fiction. I wrote this blog for close to six months and after I started getting a little following, I launched my second blog, "Escapades" on July 17,2008...That blog has my original poetry, short stories, novellas and erotica on it and featured art work by african american artists on it... I love that blog ..It is just so much fun to write...This blog is becoming very hard to write. Two years later, nothing for me to do but start a food blog called "Good Foodie" ,which has recipes and health tips and soon, restaurant reviews....I thought about doing a sports blog, but decided against it...It's hard enough writing these three blogs."

3.Which Blogs remind you of yourself?

"Don over at "Minus The Bars" reminds me of me...My Man, Monarplicity reminds me of me, a side of me if you will and 12Kyle over at the "12th Planet "reminds me of me....I love reading those three the most. Honorable mention has to go out to my main man Rich at "The Rich House " and Carey-Carey over at "Carry Me Home"....I enjoy reading those guys immensely. I need to comment more.. A lot of times the comments and the back and forth between us is what has stirred the creative juices and inspired my best posts.

4.What is the single greatest thing you like about blogging?

"You get to write more than 140 charactors.....I swear, I have much more to say than a 140 charactor Twitter post or even a slightly longer Facebook status...but some days, they serve their purpose. Twitter and Facebook is killing Blogging you know...A lot of the old Blogging gang is on one or both and as a result, many of them don't Blog anymore....Only a few of us are still true to this game....I'm in it for life.."

5.Any Blogs Being Slept on?

"Oh yeah...My man Dajj on "Soul Tight" , ''Soul on Ice" over at "I Got Soul" , Kenny and Ed over at "Ed ,the Sports Fan", Curvy Gurl ,over at "The CG Chronicles" , Lovebabz, who just blogs her heart out over at " Lovebabz: "A Life in transition" and my wife's fantastic blog- "The Ladybug of the Household", which I have been shouting out for awhile now. There are more, but I don't have the time or the space to go on here."


Arlene said...

Hey Keith, how about a direct link to these sites? I'd like to read what energizes the "maverick of writers." Here's another question for another day: How do you judge the worth of the ideas that you critique? I appreciate your insight and commentary. Most of the time I agree with your points, and really want to know your thinking on that subject because I value and respect your critical thinking abilities. Keep up the good work!!

12kyle said...

Thanks for the shoutout, fam! We all enjoy reading your blog as well. I admire the consistency! You've got something cooked up every day! Keep it up!

Mizrepresent said...

Good looking on the other great blogs, i agree with you as well as yours. Keep doing your are appreciated and LadyBugs blog is the bomb!

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Appreciate the shout out brother. I get you in my inbox on a daily, so I'm always around. I just don't post as much these days.


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