Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This One's For You!

People are killin me....Two people came up to me today and said..."This Boehner guy, we got to get him out of office." I said -"He just got in office ,what are you talking about?" Both of these people,co -workers of mine started talking about his "job killing" bill and other atrocities.. They started telling me that the Koch Brothers of Wisconsin..Who have funded right wing causes since before I was born...are sending money to Pennsylvania and how we have a Republican Governor and we have to get him out of office before he tries to pull a Scott Walker.

At this point I said "Whoa". First off I am glad that they are as up on current events as they are, but at the same time...I was wondering if these two even voted. Of course that was my next question. One person clearly did vote in November....The other person told me that they did not vote because they didn't know anything about any of the candidates, Democratic or Republican and plus , they didn't think that November Election was THAT important.

See? See the mentality? Hadn't I been railing about how every election is important?? Well...because most of America thought that Brandy getting prematurely kicked off of Dancing With the Stars was more important in November than this is what you got.

Columnist Ezra Klein of The Washington Post has reported that the proposed Republican spending cuts would cost America 700,000 jobs. He calls out the Republicans in general and House Minority Leader John "Cry Me a River" Boehner in particular who label everything from healthcare to the stimulus bill as "job-killing" measures, yet fail to acknowledge the role that the GOP is playing in continued and dire joblessness.

Mr. Klein writes, "Goldman Sachs and Mark Zandi both predict their spending cuts will have a sharp and brutal impact on job creation and economic growth (John Taylor, it should be noted, disagrees). Across the Ocean, The U.K,.'s sluggish, shrinking economy isn't giving advocates of austerity much support for their proposals.

To make matters worse,the Republican Party's plans don't even have the benefit of being consistant. Their efforts to cut taxes and repeal the health-reform law would add vastly more to the deficit than their proposed spending cuts would remove.

Is that a Cameo CD I hear playing in the background? (Remember them? The Funk group from the late seventies and early eighties)It certainly sounds like Republican/Tea Party leaders are talking out of the sides of their necks. (Gotta be an old head to get that!)The question really is will America be able to hear it and bear it?

So , this is what we get....These guys have gotten elected and the first thing they did was fight to make sure the wealthy kept those Bush era tax cuts...The next thing they did was attack the working classes by trying to bust up the unions and disenfranchise the workers...and next ,they will get around to their big promise...the promise they rode in on of cutting health care gains or "Obamacare" as they like to call it.

Any questions now about who these people really represent? Still think that the November mid term elections weren't important?? I dedicate this post to all of the folks who had better things to do than exercise their constitutional right to vote last November....Great Job guys, keep up the good work!


The Brown Blogger said...

Lumpy beds are difficult to sleep in if they were never cared for... No matter how tired one gets.

The Rich House said...

Let them kill jobs for their constituents who came out in mass because they stopped looking through human eyes and instead put on the racist glasses. In 2012, they'll come back to their senses and vote Obama in for a second term.

Some people learn the hard way.

Arlene said...

Rock it, cousin! You called it right. Too many stayed at home from the November election and the narrow-minded won many narrow elections. The vote was very, very close here in PA, but we are still stuck with Gov. Corbett and Senator Tommey, 2 republicans who support the goals of the rich to remain rich, and what's worse is that they work hard to prevent others from having access to means to change their own situations. Tommey was caught attending the tea-party conference, then denied he was there. Corbett now blames the past governor for budget deficits which resulted from the reduced taxes paid by the rich and he doesn't want to tax the natural gas producers in our state eventhough their waste products are polluting the water, ruining well systems and making people sick from chemicals. Corbetts response was to cut healthcare for poor adults!!

Keep calling them out cousin. Be the voice in our wilderness!


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