Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random Thoughts (About Basketball)

1.I'm finally going to give in and get in the office NCAA pool.

2.I've got Ohio State winning it all, maybe I shouldn't do a bracket.

3.Judging by their last few games since beating the Lakers and the way they dismantled the San Antonio Spurs recently....The Miami Heat have stopped crying and found their inner villian.

4.The Cavs can learn a few things from the Thunder about how to rebuild a team...With a little luck they'll get a nice lottery pick and with a few savy trades and another lottery pick next year,
The Cavs can be right back in the mix in about three seasons.

5.Both the Sixers and the Knicks were showing such promise a few weeks ago....Now both teams seemed to have hit a wall.

6.The Chicago Bulls might surprise a lot of people and come out of the East this year.

7.If the Boston Celtics make it back to the finals this year, I for one will be surprised!

8.Kevin Love deserves to be on a better team.

9.Love em or hate em, The Los Angelas Lakers are still the team to beat and still the best show in town!

10.It is unbelievable but true, The Bucks, The Bobcats and The Pacers are more than likely going to make the playoffs this year. Honorable mention should go to the Sixers and the Knicks too I suppose.


Grover Tha Playboy said...

I've got Ohio State winning it all too!

Hate the Lakers though!

Yvonne Anderson said...

How come you'll be surprised if The Celtics make it back to the finals...
I know as a Philadelphian ,I'm not supposed to root for them, but I went to Harvard and I lived in Boston for awhile and I became a fan!
Sorry Keith! LOL!

DBH said...

BOO Boston! LOL!

Swaggie said...

Man, I got the Chicago Bulls surprising everybody and winning the entire thing.

Tate 2 said...

Good Post...I agree with most of your points.

Jazzy said...

Good Post Fam...You write about everything! LOL!

James Perkins said...

I'm with You...I think The Lakers are still the team to beat!

Samuel Bastion said...

The Heat may have found their inner
villian, but for how long?


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