Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Seven (7 cool things for couples to do)

1. Outdoor Sweat Session
Head to a local park for a hike, run, bike ride or tennis match. (If you live in Philly, that means Lincoln Drive.) Get your blood pumping, and you might notice something else pumping too (I'm talking about your libido in case you didn't catch the little innuendo). I'm just sayin ...

2. A Bicycle Built for Two
A lot of us African-Americans just aren't the romantic types, and we ought to be.The ultimate exercise in teamwork and trust, tandem bicycling is both a great workout and a chance for you and your significant other to get in sync, get into it and get involved as James Brown would say. Rent one at a bike store near you. (If you live in Philly, that would be at the Bike shop on Main Street in Manyunk.)

Come on..Get your romantic on.Spread a blanket on a flat spot and dine on fresh fruit, chocolate, cheese, and wine (the menu is up to you two, of course). If you get rained out, you can always cheat and spread out a blanket on the bed. (Wink-Wink!)

4.Bar Hop
Hit up three or four of your favorite watering holes around town and try a new beer or drink at each one. Okay, this isn't entirely outside, but hey, doesn't walking from bar to bar count? I think it does.

Get some fresh air and give your relationship a karmic boost: Sign up to help clean up a local park or highway, or if you're good with a hammer, you can help build homes in nearby neighborhoods with Habitat for Humanity (, or help autistic children at the center for Autism.

6. Horseback Riding
Find a local farm or a nearby equestrian school and book a couple's ride through the countryside.
(I don't know why I wrote this....No two people that I know are going to get on any horse!)

7. Book a room at a local hotel for only one night. To add an element of mystery, don't tell your significant other where the two of you are going. (Sex never goes out of style!)


Anonymous said...

I like this list. I can't ride a bike to save my life and I don't think me or my husband are getting on any horses anytime soon. But i am feeling the rest of the list.

♥ CG ♥ said...

Good ideas, Keith. Hey, if you and the Mrs. are looking for something good for tonight, Avery Sunshine will be at Warm Daddys, you won't be disappointed :-).

Keith said...

Thanks Curvy Gurl!


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