Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Thoughts

1. Is it hip to be crazy now?

2.Chris Brown snapped after being asked questions about the two year old Rhianna incident on a morning television show today.. He threw a chair through the window and stormed out without his shirt on.....Coincidentally, his new cd dropped today...Wanna bet that his sales spike?

3. Charlie Sheen goes on a crazy rant for a week and sells out a stadium in 18 minutes for a speaking tour.....a speaking tour???? with no band???

4.Only in America can a woman who barely finished High School and who attended three colleges before finally graduating become 1. A Vice Presidentialcandidate , 2. A major pundit and 3. Taken seriously.....No names need to be mentioned..Yall know who I'm talking about.

5.Mel Gibson will probably have a speaking tour of his own, now that this seems to be working so well for Charlie Sheen.

6.For those of you who watch Celebrity Apprentice....(I don't...but I hear things.)Who Knew Dionne Warwick was such a........................personality?

7.Charlie Sheen's Brother, Emilio Estevez has gone on a rant of his own recently,an anti-Charlie rant that went off base with Godfather II references...Wanna Bet that his speaking tour is next?

8.It's not too late for Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan to get involved in the fun too!

9.People text and e-mail and send each other Tweets and Facebook status's so much that we've forgotten how to talk. The art of conversation truly is lost....omg!

10. Most of you probably missed the joke in that last one!

Crazy aint it?

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♥ CG ♥ said...


Good ones, Keith. And, yeah, Chris B. needs a good a** whoopin"!


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