Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birther Smirther!

I have never been impressed by or particularly liked Donald Trump. Let me go on the record and just say that before I get started. I have a lot of friends who idolize the man. They watch his totally useless "reality" TV show, Celebrity Apprentice where every week he gets to publicly humiliate somebody by saying -"You're fire uhhhed."
and squeal with delight.

My friends...some of them anyway..Go to his casinos in Atlantic City and vicariously live through him..They talk about him and his money and his mis-adventures as though they are him. I just shake my head. To me, he's a clown. To his peers , and by that I mean those with as much or more money than he..he's a clown, a self agrandizing, self promoting narcisstic man with a big check book.

Now in his latest attempt to get people to "look at me" He's attempting to run for President of the United States. I say attempting because I'm pretty sure he will have lost interest in a few months , when his next big idea for self promotion comes along.

I don't mind anybody running for President....But I do mind you running and not having a clue or original idea as to how to take care of some serious problems this nation faces. Donald Trump, allegedly the Republican Party front runner right now is running on the cheapest of cheap shots...The birther issue...The theory that President Obama was born in Kenya. Depending on which nut you listen to, it's Guam one week, Kenya the next and Bahrain the week after that.

Shame on Donald Trump for pandering to the very stupidest branch of the extreme right wing. The Birthers! I am pretty sure that they didn't read yesterday's paper...If they did (If they can) they'd know that The Hawaiian state health official who personally reviewed Barack Obama's original birth certificate has affirmed again that the document is "real" and denounced "conspiracy theorists" in the so-called "birther" movement for continuing to spread bogus claims about the issue.

That's right! "It’s kind of ludicrous at this point," said Dr. Chiyome Fukino, the former director of Hawaii's Department of Health. Dr. Fukino sounding both exasperated and amused spoke to a reporter in the aftermath of Donald Trump's statements on the NBC Today show last week questioning whether President Obama has a legitimate birth certificate.

Donald Trump, who says he is considering a run for president, repeated his claims on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday, saying that "nobody has any information" about the president's birth and that "if he wasn't born in this country, he shouldn't be president of the United States."

Funny Thing is...Donald Trump has never convinced me that he was born on this planet! Ever took a look at his "do"? Looks like it came from outer space!
I know and you know that no matter what state officials release on the issue, the "birthers" are going to question it. "They’re going to question the ink on which it was written or say it was fabricated," said Dr.Fukino. "The whole thing is silly."
Yes...I agree.

As the top Hawaiian official in charge of state health records in 2008, when the issue of Obama's birth first arose, Dr. Fukino said she thought she had put the matter to rest. Dr. Fukino expanded on previous public statements and made two key points when asked about Trump's recent comments.

The first is that the original so-called "long form birth certificate — described by Hawaiian officials as a "record of live birth" — absolutely exists, located in a bound volume in a file cabinet on the first floor of the state Department of Health. Dr. Fukimo said she has personally inspected it — twice. The first time was in late October 2008, during the closing days of the presidential campaign, when the communications director for the state's then Republican governor, Linda Lingle (who appointed Fukino) asked if she could make a public statement in response to claims then circulating on the Internet that Barack Obama was actually born in Kenya.

Before she would do so, Dr. Fukino said, she wanted to inspect the files — and did so, taking with her the state official in charge of vital records. She found the original birth record, properly numbered, half typed and half handwritten, and signed by the doctor who delivered Barack Hussein Obama II on August 4, 1961, located in the files. She then put out a public statement asserting to the document's validity. She later put out another public statement in July 2009 — after reviewing the original birth record a second time.

"It is real, and no amount of saying it is not, is going to change that,"Dr. Fukino said. Moreover, she added, her boss at the time, Governor Lingle — who was backing John McCain for president — would presumably have to be in on any cover up since Dr.Fukino made her public comment at the governor's office's request. "Why would a Republican governor — who was stumping for the other guy — hold out on a big secret?" she asked. That's what I'm asking..That's what any sensible person would be asking.

Her second point — one she made repeatedly in the interview — is that the shorter, computer generated "certification of live birth" that was obtained by the Obama campaign in 2007 and has since been publicly released is the standard document that anybody requesting their birth certificate from the state of Hawaii would receive from the health department.

The document was distributed to the Obama campaign in 2007 after then Senator Obama, at the request of a campaign official, personally signed a Hawaii birth certificate request form downloaded on the Internet, according to a former campaign official who asked for anonymity. (Barack Obama was "testy" when asked to sign the form but did so anyway to put the issue to rest, the former campaign official said. The White House has dismissed all questions about the president's birth as "fictional nonsense.")

Hawaiian officials say that the certification is, in fact, only one piece of abundant evidence of Obama's birth in Hawaii. Joshua Wisch, a spokesman for the Hawaii attorney general's office, noted that a public index of vital records, available for inspection in a bound volume at the Health Department's Office of Health Status Monitoring, lists a male child named "Obama II, Barack Hussein" as having been born in the state.

In addition, as and other media organizations have repeatedly pointed out, both of Honolulu's newspapers, the Honolulu Advertiser on Aug. 13, 1961, and the Honolulu Star Bulletin, on Aug. 14, 1961, both ran birth announcements listing Barack Obama's birth on Aug. 4 of that year.

There are enough stupid people in America though to still be in doubt despite this.
A man from California was stopped by the Hawaiian officials today from viewing President Obama's birth records. Why is this such an issue? If he wasn't an African American, would we even be having this discussion?

Did anybody question President Clinton's birth or President Bush?? If I ran for President tomorrow, would they question my birth?? and I was born in the most American city in the country...Philadelphia, PA!!!You know the answers to all of the questions I am asking. Donald Trump knows the answers too...Shame on you Donald for taking such a cheap shot at the President...Stick to what you do best...promoting yourself and your casinos...Leave politics to those who have a clue!


Arlene said...

"The Donald" is a dope, and we all know it. He's trying to bump the ratings for his show! He says it's the highest rated on NBC? Who would believe that? The same folks who back him. As soon as the tv season ends, so will Trump's campaign. I think he saw what the tea party nuts did for Bristol Palin on the dancing show and figures he can manipulate the mopes too! Tv is one thing - we can turn it off when we want- but the presidency is another. And he had better stay off Bill Cosby. Could you believe Donald called Dr. Cosby "dumb?"

P.S. And last, check your friends, cousin!?! What people watch and listen to has a major influence on their thinking.

Esmond said...

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