Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Seven ( 7 People On My Playlist)

Here are seven people who I'm playing in constant rotation...

1. Jennifer Hudson, "I Remember Me" (Arista)

I love me some J-Hud...R.Kelly's Song..."Where You At" is reason enough to rock this. Alicia Keys contributed a selection called "Angel" that makes it even more worth the experience.

2.Marsha Ambrosius -"Late Nights & Early Mornings"

Floetry Who? The former lead singer of the group ,Floetry steps out on her own and more than acquits herself here on this CD. Everybody is rocking "Far Away"...but the real show stopper here in the Lauryn Hill penned number called "Lose Myself."

3.Jazmine Sullivan "Love Me Back"

You know I have to give mad props to my Philly Home Girl...I love this entire CD...but my faves are "Excuse Me" , The duet with Ne Yo.."U Get On My Nerves" and "10 Seconds.", which sounds like it could have been recorded at Stax Records in the mid sixties... This is soul singing for the new millenium.

4.Jamie Foxx -"Best Night Of My Life"
To be honest, I kind of think that Jamie Foxx may be growing a little old to be singing with autotune and to be hanging with Drake...but hey, what do I know?  I like "Best Night of My Life" , (I always fall) for your type" and "Livin Better Now" with the Biggie Sample...It's all good....For now.

5.Charlie Wilson- Just Charlie

I Love My Uncle Charlie...This release is flawless...This is an old head who is schooling the youngins. showin em how it's done...Go head Charlie Wilson! "You Are" is probably going to played and sung at everybody's wedding this summer!

6. Eric Benet -Lost in Time.

The music on this release is definitely lost in time..It's lost back in a time when real musicians and singers who could actually sing created masterpieces on wax. There was no autotune...No were getting the real.  That's what this album harkens back to.  Stand outs are "Never wanna live without you" and "Sometimes I Cry." There is a great duet here with Ojays front man, Eddie Levert called "Paid" that you shouldn't sleep on.

7. Sade and Jay Z - The Moon and the Sky.

I don't have a photo because this has not been released yet...but I am anticipating it...It will be the first time Sade has ever collaborated with anyone...and who better than Jay -Hova...You can't go wrong there.
 This will definitely be on my spring playlist.


2cute4u said...

Looking forward to Sade's +Jay Z's release...

Jazzy said...

You Have Great Musical tatses Fam!

Grover Tha Playboy said...

You're a true playa wit that playlist bruh! lol!

Lisa said...

I have to agree with you completely about Jamie Foxx...but like you said, there are some bangin cuts on this CD..So we'll let him slide this time right? LOL!

Halo said...

I love your randoms Keith!

Vanessa said...

Marsha Amb and Jazmine Sullivan is the business!

Cheryl said...

Eric Benet's CD makes me want to do something extroidinary for my man out in public after listening to it!

Brenda said...

LMAo @ Cheryl- That was TMI honey!

Toni said...

Keith, I like all of your choices and I am eagerly awaiting Sade and Jay Z- Who knew, right?

Keith said...

@Toni- Yeah , really, who knew?

Angie B. said...

Nice List...I think I have some of everything you mentioned!

Swaggie said...

As usual your lists are tight bruh!

Tate 2 said...

Hot playlist...I'm loadin my ipod now!


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