Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The War of The Marshalls

If I don't watch out..this is going to become a sports blog...This is my second sports themed post in as many days... ( If you recall, depending on how long you've been reading this blog.. My very first post was about sports...and football in particular.) This happens to be about wide receiver ,Brandon Marshall...In trouble yet again...

It appears that NFL wide receiver, Brandon Marshall was released from a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., hospital on Saturday after his wife, Michi Nogami-Marshall, allegedly stabbed him in the stomach with a kitchen knife Friday evening.

Nogami-Marshall was bailed out of jail on Saturday on a $7,500 bond after being arrested Friday. When cops arrived to the couple’s home, Marshall claimed that a shard of glass from a shattered vase cut his stomach, but the officers weren't buying it. "The area where the vase was broken indicated no blood within the immediate area to substantiate his claim," said a police report.

Mrs. Marshall soon admitted that she stabbed her husband, but insisted that it was in self-defense. It's not surprising that Brandon Marshall is said to have a history of violent relationships, including his current marriage. In March 2009, the couple -- who were engaged at the time -- were arrested for disorderly conduct when cops saw them fighting outside of Brandon Marshall's home in Atlanta. The charges, however, were eventually dropped.

This couple is extremely fortunate that no one was killed during the brawl. Unless Brandon Marshall seeks help for his issues with aggression, the violence between the two will not likely cease. Based on Marshall's history and this couple's rocky past, it would be best if they both sought some type of marital counseling or anger management or something. They both need a time out. And it wouldn't hurt if Brandon took a few lessons on how to keep his hands off women.


Rich Fitzgerald said...

I bet some jail time would put some "act right" back in him.

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

They both need help. This situation could have easily taken a deadly turn.


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