Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little Elections

I voted just a few hours ago...I was the first one there....I was the only one there too for about 15 minutes!  Then two or three people wandered in...One woman was about my age..and the man was a senior citizen..  Not a good look..

I know we can do better because..I saw it myself.  In 2008 when Barack Obama ran for President...People were lined up down the halls, out into the street and around the corner...People were passing out sandwiches, Coffee and Pastries and music was playing.  Yes I saw this.  Why doesn't this happen every election?? It should!!

I'm betting that a lot of people don't even know that there is an election today... A primary election...but still an election...These are the so called "little" elections...The elections that most people don't think matter. They don't feel as though they matter,so they don't bother to participate.

There are certain people (Tea Party)  (Republicans) that are just fine with people thinking and acting this way....Don't vote!   They'll vote though...They make their votes work for them...

Let me give you all a personal example.  I wrote a post last summer about an annual weekend music festival held here in Philly called the West Oak Lane Jazz festival....A weekend of street concerts filled with stars like Chaka Khan, War,Mandrill, The Urban Guerilla Band ,Roy Ayers et al...that featured various vendors, and shuttle buses to transport  people from place to place..  It was a beautiful event that my wife and I and many of our friends looked forward to every year.

We won't be having it this year! No why?  The Democrat who got the funding for it is no longer in office.  The Republicans in office cut funding for it.  Now said Democrat is running for re-election today!!!  If he is elected...Perhaps the funding for this event is restored!!!   A simple thing maybe...But an important reason why even the most seemingly simplest vote is still important!

I wish I could make it this plain for the majority of people who don't see the need to vote in every single election..but sadly...they may never get it! So many people have simply lost faith in a system that never seems to work for them. I wish I could restore this faith...Then, there would be no more...Little Elections!

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