Monday, June 18, 2012

Still Thinking of Voting For This Man?

Still Thinking of Voting for this man?  Reallly?  Still think he has an economic policy that will put Americans back to work?  I could write....Hell, I have written blog posts ad nauseum about what this guy and his cronies in the GOP /Tea Party are really about...but nothing I can say, nothing I can write will be more poignant than what these real people in Marion, Indiana have to say.....Wonder who they'll be voting for?
Watch the clip.

Now...After watching this clip...Do I need to say anymore?


Brenda said...

Never Was!

James Perkins said...

Not at all!

Arlene said...

Yea, you need to say more!! And say it every day until the November election.
We're on your side, the workers side!! The choir needs to hear the preaching too!
My union has called a "high noon" in Philadelphia for Saturday. We'll be da##ing ourselves if we don't stand up and FIGHT for decent wages and benefits!


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