Saturday, June 30, 2012

Why I might not be too Enthusiastic About Seeing Another Tyler Perry Movie!

Madea's Witness Protection opened yesterday in area theatres. My wife , who loves Tyler Perry and everything Tyler Perryesque is interested in seeing this movie...Which means that I...being the good husband that I, will be taking her to see this movie....Probably sometime tonight.

To date...I have seen every Tyler Perry movie released.... And I have nothing against the man...Nothing at all. I applaud his talent...writing, producing, directing and acting in movies and plays and executive producing, what is it, three television series?? That's quite a feat for anyone, Black or White....

I understand why my wife and every black female I know loves him and is so fiercely loyal to him too...His stories speak to them in a way that no other black film-maker has ever spoken to black women.  That's cool.

But people act a damn fool at his movies....and here in is why I am not enthusiastic about going to yet another opening of another Tyler Perry movie.  First off...When his movies opens...All of the church folks load up their vans and bring scores of women (and their hapless husbands) to the movie complex...Thus there are limited parking spaces!

At the concession stands...There is a line of women gossiping and laughing and holding up the line.....Same thing with the bathroom.....You can't get in (to the men's room ) because the women have the exit blocked to it because of the line leading to the ladies room.

And last but not least...some MEN act strange at these movies too! Did you know that I almost got in a fight at one of Tyler Perry's movies...  It was "Why Did I Get Married?"  I was at it to see my home girl, Jill Scott
in her first major movie role...I went to get popcorn....(Only time I could get it was after the movie started!Go figure!)

The theatre was nearly crowded to capacity....There was three seats left in our row...Me, my wife and this guy appeared to race for the space...My wife got one seat, the guy got the seat next to her and I was left with the seat on the end.   I politely asked the man if he would take the end seat so that I could sit next to my wife.  A reasonable request.  He said "NO".   Can you believe this?  I was incredulous.....I lost it......

"MANNNN, get up out of that seat." I yelled..

He looked at me and calmly said "NO."

At this point, I was livid....but my wife, having the cooler head and wanting to see the up and ushered me and her to another row, where we found two seats together...All the while I kept giving this guy the side eye and wanting to slap the @%&^ out of him.

In all fairness, that never happened again...but all of the other stuff, crowded parking lots, concession stands and restrooms continues....Pray for me tonight!   (I'm kidding!)


Big Mark 243 said...

The reason that I am not enthusiastic about ANY Tyler Perry movie is that I could not disagree more about his "talent". But I have a blog if I want to dump on him any more than I have on my Face Book!! You enjoy the film and the time with your wife!!

CareyCarey said...

Man, I could have wrote this post. My lady is a Tyler FREAK, too. Yep, I've seen every play, ever movie and Mr Brown's series. In fact, when my lady knew this was coming out, she said "I'm gonna buy that at the store (not bootleg :-)

I will be seeing "Witness Protection tonight (not as much of a crowd). But man, did you cuss the brotha who didn't want to get up?

But I have to admit that I do laugh. Oh yeah, I do not confuse art with life's real issues. Nope,I will not do it. If it's fiction, comedy, etc, I'm done with it when I leave the theater. On that point, I can;t wait to see Django Unchained. I love Tarrantino's movies.

Don said...

Hella funny.

I feel you on many of the things expressed. Tyler Perry movies brings something out of a person that isn't easily placed into words, yet you conveyed quite well.

I usually wait until it rolls around on DVD. I like Tyler Perry movies, but it's not like I cannot wait on the DVD.

Real talk @ Perry's accomplishments.


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