Tuesday, October 9, 2012

5 Things President Obama should do before the next debate!

Well Hello....I took a few days off to recharge...Did anyone miss me? I'm sure some people did...And just as sure that some people who comment by not using their real names or any clues to their identity did not!
I was thinking about the upcoming debates...

I'm not worried about Biden-Ryan...I'm certain that that will be spirited and full of high drama (and  possibly high comedy!) I am deeply worried about the presidential debates.... I hope and pray that the President isn't getting burned out!.

Here are some suggestions I have for him for the second debate , which will be next week...

1. Get some Sleep! - This should be self explanatory!  Good sleep  and good rest are essential for an alert and keen mind... President Obama looked and sounded like he was exhausted during his debate with Mitt Romney. To put it more bluntly, I am convinced that had someone who knew nothing about politics watched the debate with the sound off, he or she would have summarized it as "one guy looked like he needed a nap. The other one looked like he had the best night's sleep ever."

The president looked as if he had stayed up all night -- the night before one of the most important job interviews of his life. Compared with Mitt Romney, who is older, the President looked older and slower -- qualities that don't exactly make Americans feel confident in a leader.

The Barack Obama who spoke at a rally in Denver the following day looked and sounded energized and years younger. That  Barack Obama needs to show up at the next presidential debate, hopefully after having gotten a good night's sleep.

2. Anticipate the un-anticipated !  -No time here for any October Surprises...The Day after the debate in a speech in Denver, Colorado, The President joked that "Some energetic fellow claiming to be Mitt Romney showed up last night," but he went on to explain that "this fellow" was espousing positions and ideas different from those previously espoused by the real Mitt Romney. Well we know that!

President Obama was making the point that the Mitt Romney who showed up at the debate was a completely different Mitt Romney from the one who has been present on the campaign trail. This should not have been a surprise to anyone!

 The Mitt Romney on the presidential campaign trail is also a completely different Mitt Romney from the one who served as governor of Massachusetts, changing his positions on issues like abortion and health care along the way. The president seemed caught off guard that Mitt Romney was attempting to distance himself from his previously espoused positions during the debate. He should not have been.

 The one thing that should not be a surprise at this stage of the game is Mitt Romney changing his positions. Now Mitt Romney's even backing away from his infamous "47 percent" comment. The president should not have been caught flat-footed like this, and this can never ever happen ever again.

3.  Get engaged, Get Involved, Get into it! - Once again...Self explanatory....If I sound like an Old James Brown record, it's because....I've heard too many people say that the president didn't look like he wanted to be there... Maybe he didn't...It was his wedding anniversary....Who can blame him? It was his anniversary -- and, well, as Mitt Romney joked, a debate is not exactly the most romantic place to spend it.
(Especially not with him!)

If you recall...Some years ago President George H.W. Bush was famously derided for looking at his watch during a presidential debate, which left pundits and some voters wondering if he felt he had some place more important to be than making his case to the American public. While President Obama did not look at his watch, he certainly did not look as if he was happy to be on that stage...That's got to change....

In the words of James Brown..."Get Involved, Get engaged, Get into it"  Okay...he probably didn't say it that way, but if he were alive...he woulda!

4.Attack, Attack, Attack!  - As my frat brother Nate would say..."It's time to bring it to the block."

We've heard a million complaints that the president needs to get "tougher," that his style is too cool, too laid-back for him to fight aggressively enough with opponents. He clearly prefers substantive dialogue to fighting, which can be admirable in a leader, but the kiss of death to a candidate. Look, half of the people watching don't really care about what is being said or even understand...Let's keep it real...but they wanted to see some fight, some vigor!!!I know....We are superficial, but what can I say?  Even I'm guilty!  I came to see a street fight, not hear a lecture.

5.Pray! -Hey no joke....I always pray before a major event !  It certainly can't hurt!

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Arlene said...

Keith, I wanted to see a brawl too! In the end I wanted to see Mitt Rmoney stretched out on the ground with blood on his face in the shape of a shoe print!! That would have been a perfect ending for me. But our president had another plan and I think it's working. The president listened as Mitt lied through his teeth. All (67 million) America heard the "etch-a-sketch" man shake his position, again. Noone with a brain believes Mitt! That lying liar is lost!! I ready to be still and let my eyes watch God. But you dear cousin-- keep writing!!!


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