Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Empty Suit

Okay,so I watched last night's final debate and for the life of me...I can not understand why at this point...Anyone on the planet is undecided about who they will vote for in the coming election.

I listened to Mitt Romney talk about this five point plan he has to get America moving again and to get good jobs, good paying jobs back on the docket and make America ,militarily stronger again.

He sang the same old tired song about tax cuts and sending entitlement programs to the states (who are already financially strapped) to run and increase the military budget by giving them more money than even they asked for.

Mitt Romney had ample time to prepare to discuss foreign policy, and a team of Bush/Cheney administration officials to tell him how to at least sound like he's answering the questions, but he repeatedly tried to change the subject away from foreign policy during the debate on foreign policy.

 Over the course of 90 minutes, Romney mentioned Osama bin Laden twice, mentioned food stamps three times, and mentioned school teachers eight times. Plenty of strategists have said voters will find this compelling, since domestic issues trump international affairs in 2012, but no candidate benefits from appearing weak. This was a debate in which Romney was supposed to appear ready to lead a nation during a time of war and international "tumult." Instead, Romney appeared to be running for governor, not president.

Now I'm not ,nor never have been the best math student in the world....But even I can see that his numbers don't add up. Mitt's right wing base has to see that too...I suspect that they don't care... Their racism and their hatred of President Obama is so great that
it doesn't really matter what Mitt says (He  surprisingly agreed with the way President Obama handled a lot of Foreign Policy issues...So much so that his right wing /Tea party base had to be pulling their hair out.)

I don't think Mitt Romney has an original thought in his head. I also think that he will say anything, agree with any position at the moment to get consensus and win an election... Hell, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich...(not exactly my favorite people in the world) have said as much about Mitt Romney....Face it...He's an empty suit!


You gotta be kidding?


Tyrone said...

I'm still listening to CNN and heard one of the analyst say , "IF the debate had gone on another 30 minutes Romney would have ENDORSED President Obama !!! LMAO"

Keith said...

James Carville just said if this was a little league game they would have called it in the first inning.

Toni said...

LMAO @ Keith!

Tony Carter said...

When I Think of Mitt Romney Alexander O'Neal song comes to mind ..Fake!!!

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Glad the Debates are over...I can stop talking to the TV now. I felt like it was game 7 in the NBA finals...whew

Arlene said...

Keith, I agree with you! I don't think anybody is still undecided. I do believe that this election boils down the WHO. Unfortunately some Americans still make judgements based on skin color. (You know I don't truck with the "race" thing. It's a social construct, not reality. There's ONE race: the human race.)

If we are honest with ourselves and cast our votes with integrity of heart and mind, Barack Obama will remain the president for 4 more years!! FORWARD!!!

Zulu said...

It's safe to say that the President SPANKED Romney in last night's debate. It's also safe to say that Romney knows very little about foreign policy, (besides what Sheldon Adelson tells him). But after the debate, MSNBC had a meeting with voters and 2 of the people said that even though they felt Obama clearly won the last 2 debates, they're going to vote for Romney anyway? With that type of logic, one can only assume that certain Americans simple want "a white in the White House" and it doesn't matter who it is, even if that person would cause a DOOMSDAY scenario to this country and the world. That's why everyone must vote and tell others to do so as well.


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