Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Second Time Around~!

This debate was more energetic... This debate was better, President Obama was better, more energetic, More aggressive.  More passionate!  He checked Mr. Romney everytime he told one of those whoppers.....
He presented his case!.. That's what I wanted to see.  That's what everybody wanted to see.
This night ,President Obama showed up!

The Moderater? She was better than Jim Lehrer (Not a hard thing to do!) but not as good as last week's moderator during Biden and Ryan.

President Barack Obama took the stage at Tuesday’s presidential debate determined to play offense against Republican nominee Mitt Romney, taking every opportunity to put his GOP challenger on his heels. It was clear from the second presidential debate’s outset that it wouldn’t resemble the first, when Mitt Romney was widely-acknowledged to have run circles around President Obama, whom Democrats worried was not aggressive enough in responding to Romney’s attacks.Not the case this night!

This was a street fight.President Obama and Mitt Romney went at each other early and often on topics ranging from the economy and taxes to energy to women’s rights and to immigration. The tension between the candidates was readily clear, as well – the two physically approached each other during one early exchange.

The president insinuated Mitt Romney’s tax proposals were a “sketchy deal” for the American people, and sought to tie the GOP nominee to George W. Bush. President Obama’s attacks extended into personal territory, too, as he frequently made reference to  Mitt Romney’s immense personal wealth to make the broader case about  Mitt Romney and “top-down economics.” "No, I haven't looked at my pension,” he said in one exchange with  Mitt Romney, “It's not as big as yours, so it doesn't take that long." Funniest exchange of the night.

Mitt Romney, in turn, emphasized President Obama’s own failings as president and again adopted the centrist tone he had projected in his first meeting with President Obama. “Why am I lowering taxes on the middle-class? Because under the last four years, they've been buried,” Romney said, alluding to a comment made recently by Vice President Joe Biden saying the middle class had been “buried” over the last four years. The debate also featured  Mitt Romney and President Obama’s first exchange on the topic of last month’s terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, which left four Americans dead, including a U.S. ambassador.

President Obama seemed to flash anger toward the former Massachusetts governor, as he turned and stared down  Mitt Romney, calling the suggestion that his administration would play politics with the attack “offensive.”

"That's not how a commander in chief operates. You don't turn national security into a political issue," President Obama said of  Mitt Romney’s accusation, as details emerged about the attack, that the White House had expressed sympathy for the attackers besieging diplomatic posts in Egypt, Libya and beyond.
Mitt Romney argued that  President Obama had left the White House to go campaigning shortly after the attack, and accused the president of having failed to label the attack in Libya an act of terror.
When moderator Candy Crowley intervened and contended President Obama had actually done so, members of the audience applauded – in violation of debate rules.

President Obama took the stage clearly more eager to play offense versus Mitt Romney, a sign that the president was looking to move past his more laconic and dry  performance versus Mitt Romney at their first debate.

His exchange with  Mitt Romney on energy turned especially tense as the two men walked toward each other, prompting the GOP candidate to scold: “You'll get your chance in a moment, I'm still speaking.” Romney was rude all night and at times I felt as though the moderater was losing control of the entire thing..but I also admit that she didn't have a very easy job... I don't envy her.

This debate was the second of three presidential debates this fall; President Obama and  Mitt Romney will meet one more time between now and Nov. 6, a foreign policy-focused debate on Monday.

Get your popcorn ready for the endgame people!


Sean said...

I knew you'd be on top of this!

Tyrone said...

Senator John Kerry summed it up this mornibng on "Morning Joe"

He said that Mitt Romney is polling the WORST in the state he was governor of Massachussetts. A state where 4 of the last 5 governors have been Republicans.

He said that the state that knows him the best, trusts him the least.

ALL the polls that poll Massachussetts show it. This is why he isnt even campaigning in Massachussetts.

Samuel Bastion said...

@Tyrone- Guess he knows that that is a lost cause!-LOL!

Zulu said...


Lisa said...

Mitt Romney still won’t say whether he’d stand up for equal pay, but he did tell us he has “binders full of women.” Not impressed?

Anonymous said...

This is definitely a far Left wing Blog....And all of your readers sound like they are not only Left wing, but African-American....A true American like myself has no voice or home here...I am truly through!...Don't delete this..I am an American and I deserve to be heard!

Arlene said...

Yes, this was a debate with a clear winner. And this time the winner was telling the truth! Keith, I agree that our president spoke clearly and directly to the audience questions. Mitt tried his "moderate" persona but the president called him out. Viewers saw Mitt's attempt to bully Candy Crowley and to bully the rules by having his little tantrums when he needed to make a point. Hopefully, those of us with intelligence watched the debate and drew the conclusion that Barack Obama is committed to working for an improved economy, equal rights for the workplace, healthcare, education, and environmental protections. We saw that Mitt is a champion for the rich. Mitt's desire to work for "the 100%" is all smoke and mirrors. We know just what he thinks!

P.S. Tell your "true American" anonymous poster to take his rightwing and sho... oh, oh nevermind. You want this to be a clean blog! And hey, the instigator I am says to delete that comment. This is YOUR blog, isn't it?? Delete anonymous!! I got your back, cousin.


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