Wednesday, October 3, 2012


In time, the plans of all evil men will be exposed and laid to waste.   I said that...Sounds fancy doesn't it?  On the eve of the debates, which I'll be talking about later on this week...a Judge here in my home state of Pennsylvania has blocked that Voter I.D. law.!! For now!

A Pennsylvania judge has blocked enforcement of the voter identification law which the legislature enacted and Republican Gov. Tom Corbett signed last year, meaning the law will not be in effect for the Nov. 6 election.

Judge Robert Simpson said even with the streamlined procedures that state officials proposed to make it easier for voters without ID cards to obtain them, “the proposed changes are to occur about five weeks before the general election, and I question whether sufficient time now remains to attain the goal of liberal access” to ID cards.

Judge Simpson went on to say , “I expected more photo IDs to have been issued by this time. For this reason, I accept Petitioners’ argument that in the remaining five weeks before the general election, the gap between the photo IDs issued and the estimated need will not be closed.”

Thank goodness...Finally someone is doing the right thing....I have heard that these voter ID laws have been struck down in other states also... I can hear the Tea Party sympathizers and conspiracy theorists saying that the Obama Administration is somehow behind all of these changes or let's see..Perhaps it's the liberal media that is to blame.Yeah that's the ticket.

How bout, Judges who apply common sense and due process of the LAW for a change.??.Maybe that's why these unfair voter suppression tactics are being shot down...Because judges see them for what they are..

Better luck next time Tea Party! Hopefully, we can vote these crazy right wing people out of office and there will not be...a next time!

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Arlene said...

Excellent presentation Keith! I shared this with my students today because we debated the way that judges made in PA. Our major reading was about the 3 ways that judges are appointed and we debated the value of each method. Keep writing cousin! I love it!! I just can't wait to read your take on tonight's debate.


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