Monday, October 1, 2012

The Debates Are Coming!

If I've been quiet for the past few days as far as this blog is concerned....That's because I'm resting my mind and my fingers..The Debates are coming... I believe they will begin within the next few days.  The Romney people are praying that their guy has a good showing...It's his last best hope at this late date for any kind of bounce or reversal of fortunes.

If I'm not saying much it's because at this point...there is nothing more for me to say...I mean , unless you're a complete empty head, you know who you're voting for on November 6th... Nothing I can say, Nothing I can write at this point can change your mind....The debates are coming...

Yes...they are and Mitt Romney can't do much repair of the damage he has already done to himself....Never have I seen a candidate make so many gaffs at this late a time in the campaign as this guy...I'm willing to say..that if he were running against anybody other than Barack Obama...His campaign, his chances for winning would all be done, finished...

But he is running against Barack Obama....which is the only reason why he is even as close as he is...The racism that is inherent in this country and in the far right fringes that now have a hold on the Republican Party is so great, that many people will overlook Mitt's gaffs and mis-steps and still vote for this guy anyway....

Frightening thought isn't it?  Mitt Romney, President of the United States!!!!!!!

A poll of nine so called "Battleground states shows President Obama is ahead of Mitt Romney in all nine,  states with his biggest leads being 7 and 8 points (in Ohio, New Hampshire, and Iowa) and his smallest edge at 2 points (in Nevada and North Carolina). President Obama's average percentage in these polls is 49.5% and Romney's is 44% -- which is consistent with the national polls . The state surveys also show a slight improvement in voters who believe that the nation is headed in the right direction. And they find President Obama and  Mitt Romney essentially tied on who would better handle the economy, while President Obama mostly enjoys double-digit leads on foreign policy.(something that used to be a Republican strong point!)

Here’s another way to look at the nine polls -- If we divide them into three buckets. The first bucket: The states where President Obama’s job-approval rating is at 49% or higher, and those states are Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Virginia. The second bucket: The states where President Obama leads on the economy, and those are Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Ohio. And the third and final bucket: The states where Mitt Romney’s favorability is underwater, and those are Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Wisconsin. There are three states that apply to all three buckets, and you can consider those Mitt Romney’s most problematic states right now: Iowa, New Hampshire, and Ohio. As for where Mitt Romney’s in the best shape: North Carolina; it’s the only state where President Obama’s job is under 49%, where Romney leads him on the economy, and where Romney’s favorable rating is right side up.

The Debates are coming! Both campaigns are now fully engaged in lowering expectations for Wednesday's debate. In a Romney memo writtenby senior adviser Beth Myers, she wrote: “President Obama is a uniquely gifted speaker, and is widely regarded as one of the most talented political communicators in modern history. This will be the eighth one-on-one presidential debate of his political career. For Mitt Romney, it will be his first.”

Meanwhile, the Obama camp countered with its own memo by David Axelrod: “[We expect Mitt Romney to be a prepared, disciplined and aggressive debater. Gov. Pawlenty said Romney ‘is as good as it gets in debating. He is poised, prepared, smart, strategic.’ We expect that Mitt Romney to show up in Denver. 
Second, debates—and particularly the first debate—generally favor challengers.”

But here’s the truth about both President Obama and  Mitt Romney: Neither has been a stellar debater. President Obama never really shined during the Democratic primary debates of 2008, and candidate Obama had a tendency to ramble (something he improved upon in his general-election debates against John McCain). And while Mitt Romney performed well at most of this season’s GOP primary debates, he had some rough performances (the $10,000 bet, the debates in South Carolina). Romney’s one-on-one performances in ’94 and ’02 (for SEN and GOV) were uneven, and his biggest weakness is unspoken body language. The bottom line: Ivy League debate coaches will enjoy Biden v. Ryan a heckuva lot more.

Like I said, The Debates are coming....but I doubt that they will change anyone's mind at this point in the game ,unless one of them comes up with a game changer, a show stopper!  I don't see it...but anything is possible! Stay tuned!.

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Arlene said...

Keith, I looking forward too! Last week Sean Hannity said he wanted to see the president get "smacked down" because no one else has been able to do that. His desire is to SEE the president, a black man, get knocked down by a white man! In my cynical mind, that's the whole idea: see a black person put in place! Well, we'll see who's on the floor on Wednesday night.


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