Thursday, August 8, 2013

Spike Lee Goes Left

I've been a fan of Spike Lee since his first film-"She's Gotta Have it"... Unlike a lot of people...I continue to follow his films....Sink or swim...It's a shame he can't get a budget from a major studio....I support him 100 percent in what he's doing and I'm so glad he stood up to this condescending hater!


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Arlene said...

Aww now, tell it Spike!! That was a great interview for Spike. I love it when the truth is told to the ignorant and eyes are opened! Who were those "talking heads"? Who gave them a show? For a second I thought of FOX news but I know Spike would not have been as "pleasant" with Bill or Sean.

Moanerplicity said...

Without trying start a political movement: I Like Spike. I really do. We NEED the Spike Lees of this world.

Personally, I have supported Spike each and every time I purchased a ticket to one of his filmic ‘joints’. And there have been many.

I support this brother’s right to be the provocateur, the shit-starter, conversation-igniter, rabble-rouser, righteously angry black man, history-teacher, film mogul, motion picture actor, filmmaking dynamo.

I also supported him by purchasing a few waaaaaay over-priced items from his Brooklyn-based store, back in the day.

Spike in return, did not support, call, or try to contact me when my poetry appeared in the same issue of Essence Magazine that featured him and his sister Joie on the cover.

Not that he HAD to… nor should I or anyone else have to support him in his artistic efforts. That has always been a question free-choice.

Creating Art and finding those interested and generous souls who’ll support it is a constant struggle.

In short: I wish him well.



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