Thursday, September 26, 2013

Marissa Revisited

On July 17th of this year...I wrote a blog post about this young Florida woman who was given an unjust sentence in that state of Florida for firing a warning shot that didn't hit anybody up in the air to disuade an abusive husband to cease and desist...She used the stand your ground defense....The same defense that another Florida citizen, namely George Zimmerman used when he fired a shot that killed Trayvon Martin last year..

It worked for George...He was acquitted...It didn't work for Mrs. Alexander...Wonder why?? Today however I got some heartening news...A new trial has been ordered for Marissa!

A Florida appeals court is ordering a new trial for Mrs. Alexander who was sentenced to 20 years to prison after she fired a warning shot in a wall during a dispute with her husband.

The 1st District Court of Appeal ruled that a judge did not properly instruct the jury handling the case of Marissa Alexander.

But the appeals court also said the judge was right to block Alexander from using the state's "stand your ground" law as a way to defend her actions.  This I can't understand at all.

Marissa Alexander had never been arrested before she fired a bullet at a wall one day in 2010 to scare off her husband when she felt he was threatening her. But the judge at her trial said her conviction on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon carried a mandatory 20-year sentence under state law.

It appears to me that they still don't get it in Florida...Why was she arrested in the first place? No one was harmed...And yet George Zimmerman killed an unarmed man and it took a month before he was arrested?

No...They don't get it...but I hope Mrs. Alexander gets out!


Brenda said...

So glad to hear they ordered a new trial for this woman!

Swaggie said...

This whole arrest and conviction of her was bullshit in the first place...Like you said..She should have never been arrested.

George S. said...

Glad to Hear she's getting a new trial. I too hope she gets off!

Toni said...

This poor woman...Let's hope that justice delayed is not justice denied!

Angie B. said...

Well Said Toni!


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