Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday 7- 7 Things we guys do that drive women crazy!

Being an evolved male or at least thinking I was I have learned from my wife and other women I know several things that I and my fellow uniformed males do that just irks the dyalights out of the women in our lives..

1.Calling your girl a nickname you think is cute and sexy(but she doesn't!)

I am the king of nicknames....I've christened many a friend with a moniker that has lasted a lifetime...and while the guys haven't minded...With the females...It has been a different story.
Some guys think that a nickname is a turn-on for their partner because we get turned on when they say it..."Hey cakes..." for example..
“In other cases, a guy might think a nickname shows intimacy because they wouldn’t call anyone else that nickname -- only you.” According to an unofficial poll on Facebook, (of course)the most popular nicknames include baby girl, hunny bunny and beh-beh (you know, like Cartman sounds when he says baby on South Park?), which are just so…awful according to the ladies.

2.Ordering for the woman at a restaurant!

I've never been guilty of that...but there are some cavemen out there who probably do that, I'm sure.
Unless your lady friend is six years old or deaf...I don't think you need to do that!

3.Doing the Public Display of Affection thing on Facebook and Twitter and other social media.

Many of us who lurk on social media have this complaint. We get it...yall like each other...The women knows you like some cases, the man knows the woman likes him...Does the whole world have to know every single freakin day?
Few people outside of you and your significant other need to know your business...especially if it involves sex!  Your friends, coworkers and parents (if they are your friends)can see that feed.

4.Believe it or not...Buying your girl long stemmed Roses....

Yes...buying roses...Here's the dealio: Flowers are really nice -- Yes they are... But a rose -- specifically a long-stemmed rose -- is so cheesy and corny and cliche'. And please don't do this on Valentine's Day, which just makes it exponentially worse (or add a little white teddy bear and a heart-shaped box of Whitman's or Russel Stover's). You wouldn't do that, right? The only time a long-stem rose is borderline-acceptable is on The Bachelor. Pink, yellow or white roses are totally cool though; peonies are even better (if you’re asking). The things a guy didn't know.

5.Getting a Tattoo or your girl's name put anywhere on your body!

I've never been a fan of that...And I'm glad to hear a lot of women say that they aren't either.....It's cool I guess if you're in the first grade.

6.Hopping in the Shower with her (Uninvited...)

Don't think I've been guilty of this...(Man ,I seem like I'm sheltered...Not a married man of 23 years!)

Guys,Sometimes a girl just needs to shave her legs in peace. Or deep-condition her hair. Or exfoliate. They will shower with you sometime soon, but not when they are scrambling to make an early morning meeting.

7. Lingerie is a gift for us guys...Not our girlfriends...

Let's keep it 100 here... They wear teddies and lace babydolls because you like them. Same goes for garters, and peek-a-boo bras. It would be much better if you bought these for your girl on your birthday .(That's what I do.) For her birthday, stick to her favorite perfume or let her pick a new pocketbook or dress of her choice and you pay for it..


Toni said...

What would Saturday Mornings be without your blogs, My ipod mini and good coffee?

Cheryl said...

Thank You Keith for posting this!

Yvonne Anderson said...

Soooo True...Thank You!

Angie B. said...

This was funny, but I found most of it true.!

Grover Tha Playboy said...

All good points...Some I didn't know , but was kind of figuring out!

Vanessa said...

AMEN! Thanks for posting this!

Brenda said...

Really enjoying all three of your blogs this morning!


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