Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Obamacare Scare

These poor Republicans...They don't have a plan, They don't have an alternative idea...I've been saying this all along...All they have is tired and worn out conspiracy theories about how bad the affordable care act is.
It has to be bad to give health care to people who need and don't have it right?

So the Republicans in congress have voted for what? The 41st time to defund it...Knowing that it won't pass in the Senate and the White House will just veto it... So we are paying them to waste time right?  I hope in 2014 we stop paying them period!

Anyway...the new thing now is the creepy anti Obamacare ads designed to scare the hell out of you...

Here's a tip for marketers: If you're seeking to sway public opinion, transforming a beloved national icon into a creepy pervert probably isn't the best tactic to use.

Unfortunately for one self-described "free-thinking" group, it's created nightmare-inducing commercials that aim to persuade young people to skip signing up for health-care coverage via Obamacare.

While the staff of the group, Generation Opportunity, mostly appears to be in their 20s, it's bankrolled by brothers David and Charles Koch,(who else?) who are both in their 70s and known for their ultra-conservative views....AND SHOULD KNOW BETTER!

In one spot, a leering Uncle Sam pops up between the legs of a young woman seeking an gynecological exam, while in a second ad a young man is accosted by the same Uncle Sam figure, this time snapping on a latex
glove to give him a rectal exam.

The tagline is "Don't let government play doctor." But the commercials are so bad that they may backfire, causing young viewers to shrug them off as the worst kind of fear-mongering.

For liberals, the Koch-bankrolled group has crossed a line by transforming the beloved national icon into something that might warrant a call to a sex-crimes unit, notes Advertising Age.

For me...I'm getting a good laugh!

 "Generation Opportunity's new online ad. . . not only defiles our American mascot but disturbingly compared the ACA to sexual assault," Ilyse Hogue, the president of pro-choice advocacy group NARAL, said in a statement.

Salon called the ads a "new nadir" which reaches "the limits of decency."

To be sure, it's not clear how widely the ads will be seen, given that they're not pegged to run on TV. Currently, the spots are available on YouTube and will soon run on Hulu and Pandora (P), AdAge notes.

And one person's sex offender is another person's humorous icon. Fox News, for one, called them "funny" and "hysterically creepy."

Whether the message persuades young Americans to give up health care coverage remains to be seen. In the meantime, the Koch brothers and their creepy Uncle Sam aren't offering any viable alternatives, They never do...and the Affordable Care Act's health-care exchanges will open for enrollment on Oct. 1.

Ahhhh, the beat goes on!

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