Friday, October 18, 2013

And Now A Message From Our Sponser

I know I usually only  post a "Weekend Humor " Post on Friday....But in lieu of the past week's near catastrophic debt ceiling and default battle in D.C.   I'm not feeling much to laugh about and I'm not feeling too  professional either ,feel me?

So for all of those Tea Party individuals who created this near disastor...It brings me great pleasure to watch you walk away with your tails behind your backs, struggling to put a good spin on what was a huge defeat...

You lost....but the real losers were all of those innocent people who had to go without a paycheck for no fault of their own because of your shenanignans....Shame on you....I hope all of you Tea Party folks get exactly what you have coming to you....Unemployment in next years mid term elections!


Sean said...

I feel you Keith!

James Perkins said...

I agree whole heartedly...(Can't believe I missed your post yeserday.)


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