Thursday, July 16, 2015

Here To More to Come...

President Obama has been having a very hot run of victories lately....The Affordable Care Act was acknowledged and passed by the Supreme Court....Gay Marriage was declared legal in these 50 states, and it appears as though the Obama Administration has signed a record deal with Iran that will bring stabilization to that region and halt their production of nuclear weapons...

Not bad for a lame duck President huh?

Take a guess at who doesn't like this?

Republicans....Why of course...

Remember the Dirty 47? Those 47 members of our own congress who wrote to the government of Iran and told them not to bargain with the Obama Administration?

Yeah, those guys...47 traitors...Well they pooh poohed yesterday's landmark agreement without even reading it...and they have vowed to vote it down......

The President of course has vowed to veto any attempts they make to halt this agreement....Business as usual....He must be used to this by now...

I don't know in the end how kind American History will be to him....but I do know this...President Obama will be forever remembered for his incredible achievements in the face of overwhelming obstructionism.

And with a little under two years of his term left....I hope he gives these Republican obstructionists more to be upset about!

Here's to more to come!

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