Wednesday, July 22, 2015

No Plan For The End Game

This is Rachel Dolenzal in the photo above....She is the former head of the Washington State Chapter of the N.A.A.C.P. who was posing as a Black woman for years until her parents outed her as a White Woman.

She says she has no job and is slowly running out of money...Now She truly knows what it's like to be Black in America....

Sure you want to continue being Black, Rachel?

A Black female friend of mine had this to say-

"I'm confused.. When a man says we wants to be a woman, it's his right and we should call him a her... When a woman wants to be man, same thing it's his/right , and no question of mental health is brought up, not only that but he/ she is celebrated....But when a white woman wants to be a black woman, her mental health is questioned??"

Well, I got to admit...While I can certainly understand a Black person passing for white to in their confused mind better themselves or their chances at a better life..but I don't..and nobody I know understands why a White person would pretend to be black...IN THIS COUNTRY AT THIS TIME(or any time in this nation's history for that matter)

Perhaps her mental health should be questioned...I'm just saying...

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Toni said...

Too Funny,But true!


"Mommy, can I go to Timmy's blog and play?"

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