Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Eye-Opener!

I'm always interested in what my Republican Brothers and Sisters think. No, really... I am. I hear their White counter parts all the time on Fox News and everywhere else. Since I only know a few Blacks who will admit to being Republican, It is always nice to read a tidbit from them on how they feel about an issue.

Last week, I wrote about Dr. Laura Schlessinger and the controversy around some advice she gave a Black female caller who was complaining about her white husband and the insensitive comments he, members of his family, and his friends made when she was around.

Not surprisingly, Dr. Laura was not sympathetic to the female caller at all. She, in fact, told her she was too "thin-skinned, had a chip on her shoulder, and shouldn't have married outside of her race if she was that sensitive". She went around the barn, asking how can we have racism when we just elected a Black president? (Really Laura, are you really that niave?) I wasn't surprised when the Republican's new poster girl, Sarah Palin, said she supported Dr. Laura on Twitter... but, I did wonder what Black Republicans thought about this matter.

Today, a leading Black Republican said he was upset about Sarah Palin's "tweet" supporting Dr. Laura Schlessinger, the radio talk show host who couldn't stop saying "nigger" last week. Brother (and I use this word lightly) Timothy Johnson, who as chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation (Frederick Douglass was a Republican? Who knew?) works to get African-American Republican officials elected and increase the ranks of Black members of the party, says that Sarah Palin needs to "clarify her defense of Dr. Laura Schlessinger." He also says Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele needs to speak out against Palin. I have been waiting for a statement from him myself!

The former Alaska governor made waves Wednesday by defending conservative radio talker Dr. Laura's use of the "n-word" in a conversation with a radio caller. Schlessinger has since announced that she is stepping down from her top-rated program. "Don't retreat! Reload!" Sarah Palin wrote on Twitter (Who is she, Annie Oakley?), adding that the effort to "silence the radio host isn't American and is "not fair". Who is trying to silence her? From what I understand, she is making this transition on her own.

"Sarah Palin is not the chair of the Republican Party", Brother Johnson says. "She is a leading Republican, but from what I can tell, many black Republicans don't use Sarah Palin as a benchmark." (I should hope not!) "I hope Chairman Steele comes out in relationship to this issue. You can support the sinner and not the sin. We need to separate respecting the doctor vs. respecting what she says." he said. "If she chooses to run for president in 2012, she is going to have to answer to black Republicans", Johnson says of Palin. Oh really? I wonder if it's enough of them for it to matter to her or whoever gets the nomination. Although, you never know.

Lots of luck to our Republican brothers and sisters, who don't seem to understand that dissing Black people has been an essential part of the Republican political playbook since the days of the "Great Communicator", Ronald Reagan. Sarah Palin's "tweet" is sure to rally those among the GOP faithful who are tired of mincing words and beating around the bush about er, uh, Negroes. Uh, yeah!

(Note: The speaker in the above photo is not Brother Timothy Johnson or a photo connected to this incident in any way. It's just an angry mob of Black people that I thought was funny and just perfect for this post-LOL!)


Sean said...

You said a mouthful Keith!

James Perkins said...

Man, I don't even have to comment..You said everything I was feeling about this matter!

Brenda said...

This issue is indeed an eye opener for so called Black Conservatives!
Let's see what they do about it..They can't ignore the obvious much longer.

Tate2 said...

If I know right, Steele either won't comment or he'll come up with some mumbo jumbo B.S. and try to half heartedly justify Palen..He's on thin ice with them and he knows it!

Arlene said...

You hit the nail on the head again cousin. And we have our own closet Republican. I won't out him though.
Many people are surprised to learn that both Frederick Douglas and Abraham Lincoln were Republicans! But that was the old Republican Party when it was the "big tent" group. Back in the 1800s. Republicans then stood for the Constitution. That precious document that was for ALL the people. Then the Republicans recognized blacks as humans with the rights of people, citizens of these states united. Forward to the 1900s and their position changed. Democrats left their party in droves to join with Republicans who supported segregation. And it's been that way since. They cry for small government, state's rights, and lower taxes, but they intend to leave the minority to fend unasssisted, to let business make what it can and to leave people without wherewithal to their own devices. Democrats in the 20th century had learned that they need the vote of African Americans to promote their agenda. Oftentimes we are included in that agenda.

Montana said...

I am so happy that the ugly (inside and out) crazy old gym teacher reaped what she had sowed. She could have gotten her argument across by saying “N word” and not using the word and by not saying "don't NAACP me" but like Michael Richards AKA “Cosmo Kramer”,she ends up the the trash heap of history, a history of her own making. I am so happy that the free market AKA sponsors started to pull their ads (I guess they were exercising their free speach) and she finally realized that she was just another “run of the mill gabby” and her days were numbered. She realized that she was not as smart as she thought she was, finally!

Palin was the one who got bent over the use of the word "Retard", Palin also said that the people have the right to build the Mosque in NY, but out of respect for the 9/11 families they shouldn't, but I guess this same standard is not applicable to Laura Schlessinger. Do you see the hypocrisy? The problem with Palin is the same when she mistakenly referred to Ronald Reagan Eureka College, being in California and we all know its in Illinois, same thing, she does not fact check anything she is going to say. She is soooo Palin!


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