Thursday, May 19, 2011

Days Of Wonder, Dreams Asunder!

I consider myself a Christian man, a believer in the divinity of Jesus Christ....Let me state that now before I start....And while God does work in mysterious ways...I wonder if he is planning his biggest mystery for this weekend?  Yeah...Unless you live under a rock, I know you've heard that the world is supposed to come to an end this Saturday...So no Saturday 7 post this week. If this is to be my next to last post in this blog...I promise to leave you laughing with a "Weekend Humor" post tomorrow.

Harold Camping, who runs the Evangelical network Family Radio, is predicting that Saturday afternoon around 6:30 pm of this year will bring about Judgment Day — the time when, according to some, the earth will be destroyed because of mankind's sins and all Christian believers will ascend to heaven.(I wonder does he mean Eastern Daylight time or West Coast time?...It's all confusing to me.)

Apparently Harold Camping believes this will occur this coming Saturday,May 21st on the basis of a mathematical system he created to interpret prophecies hidden in the Bible. While the prediction is pretty eerie in light of the mysterious animal deaths in Arkansas, it's worth noting that this isn't the first time that Camping has predicted the end of the world. He originally used his mathematical system to predict that Sept. 6, 1994, would be Judgment Day. (via NPR) I missed that one...I think I slept through it...Saturday Afternoon around 6:30 pm, est, I probably won't be sleeping...So I'll be awake!!

Truth? I think this is a pack of malarky, but my mother always told me not to tempt fate...So if it's true..I'll have my bible with me, reading scriptures...If it's not..I'm going to the bar!! Noooo, I'm just kdding..but if it's true...To all of my family and friends...I love you all through eternity and it's been real!

I did however have a rather unsettling dream the other night.  I dreamed that my wife and a friend of mine, fellow blogger and Facebook buddy, Shanita Jones walked over to my parents house in West Philadelphia. We all sat down in the living room and had dinner and then my mom packed some food for me to take with me in a paper bag., just like she used to do.. The living room looked the same as it did when I lived there..
I waved goodbye to both of my parents and my wife and I and Shanita walked home!!!

We bid Shanita goodbye as she arrived at her home and my wife and I continued with our bag of food.  When I got to my house...My daughter was there with both of her children and apparently we had an extra room...because both children had a room of their own...

The phone rang...It was my Dad...He was calling to tell me a joke!!!  Then I woke up!!!! It took me a long time to get my head together...First off...My mother has been dead for three father has been dead for nine years....At the time of their deaths they lived in New Jersey....The house I grew up in hasn't been inhabited by my family for close to, if not over twenty years...My daughter is married and lives with her husband and two children about five blocks from me...We have no extra room and my friend, Shanita doesn't live anywhere near me!  Once I got those facts together on the side of my bed...I realized that it was a dream...Welcome to the real world...

But all of this stuff...This dream about dead people...(Haven't dreamed about my parents in about three years!) and all of this end of the world talk kind of got me shook, a little...  If I'm still here...If we all are still here on Sunday...I'll be the first to let you know...Because you know me...Never one to tempt fate, right?

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Rich Fitzgerald said...

I've seen trucks here in St. Louis with those signs on them. It's been nagging at me, with the strange weather and all the other happenings leading up to now. Anyway, I'm like you, I think he's wrong - AGAIN, but for some reason it still doesn't sit well with me.

If we're still here on Saturday night, maybe we should do a roll call to see if we didn't get left behind.

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