Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Random Thoughts

1. Looks like The Lakers , The San Antonio Spurs and possibly the Celtics are having or (in the case of the latter two) have had their last hurrah...There is a new pecking order about to begin in the NBA.

2.I've noticed that this blog has been dropped from the blog rolls of some of the people I used to commiserate with in the so called blogosphere...I don't take it personally...I suppose it's because I don't come around much anymore...(as in comment) Facebook and Twitter will do that to you!
3. Don't you just hate people who switch lanes all of  a sudden and don't use their turn signals?

4.Jennifer Hudson's song -"Where You At?" reminds me of every sister I know, who's been mis treated and lied to over and over again by the same guy...

5. Is it me or is an inordinate number of reporters "accidentally" saying "Obama" , when they actually mean ''Osama"? Hmmmmmmmm!

6.And speaking of Osama Bin Laden...Now that he's dead...will there be a group called  "Deathers" Who'll demand to see a death  certificate or photos of his corpse??? Eeeek...(This is so stupid, no illustration is necessary!)

7.Isn't it Amazing how gas just quietly creeped up to four dollars or more?

8.Back on Osama Bin Laden again...You know...People keep saying that he was living in a mansion...but I saw that place he was staying in...You mean to tell me that for one million bucks, he couldn't do any better than this???

9.Why Is "Sugar " Shane Mosley still boxing?

10. It won't be long before we will be downloading all of our music, movies ,books and magazines and carrying them on ipads, ipods and kindles.....What will our living rooms have in them? Just a thought!

I mean....I'm just sayin!


Untouched Jewel said...

This was a pretty good post. I still follow, so you don't have to worry about me. LOL.

Keith said...

Thank You friend!...That made me feel a lot better!

Emil said...

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