Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Morning After

If you are reading this...either the scheduled rapture predicted by Harold Camping didn't happen or a whole lot of people (myself included) got left behind...I saw all of the jokes on Facebook and Twitter last night and I must admit, I was responsible for a lot of em myself.

All jokes aside...I really feel sorry for all of the poor misguided souls who sold their houses, ran through their life savings...euthanized their pets and told their unbelieving children (probably teenagers ) that they were going to hell because they didn't buy into this...What will they do Monday morning when the reality sets in that they are still here on Earth and they are broke and homeless? Not only that, but some of them have probably aileanated their families....What will they do, what can they say?

It is these people that I feel sorry for and that I am praying for.What of Camping? What can he say now after being wrong two times and attracting so much attention??
He's 89 years old..It's time for him to do as my grandmother would say- "Go somewhere and sit down" oh and be quiet.

I have to admit...I wondered for a hot minute if he (Camping) might be on to something and yesterday around
5:30 pm...I was a little anxious....I was thinking about Heaven...I was thinking about being left behind too, which in my case might have been more likely...Then by 6:01 pm ,..I sighed relief..went out and bought two hoagies for my wife and I and we had a little post doomsday celebration if you will.

If any good came out of this, it is this...It did get people to thinking and talking about God, about the bible and about getting their souls right...I can't quote this verbatim, but I think it says something in the bible about all things working for the good ....Right now...That's good enough for me!



CareyCarey said...

Well Keith, it looks like God or the devil spit us out, cuz we's still bloggin'.

You know I said my piece on this guy and you've put a nice cap on it.

so check this:

I am going around to some of my favorite sites to say the following, and since you've been riding with me from day one, I gotta shout it out to you.

I am offering you... or maybe I should say, begging you to stop by the spot and give me a helping hand. I am thinking about (I'm gonna do it) writing a post for every person that has stopped by my spot, and you came to mind. You'll have to read the particulars, but basically, it involves giving something back to those who have given me hope and inspiration, like you, and this will be my way of giving something back. I don't know how many will repond (maybe none) and the posts will not get a lot of comments, but again, I just want to share what you and others have given me, and share y'all with my small core of readers. In short, the posts will run every day until I've completed them all(again, it might take one day :-)) and will include everyone that stops by(one complete post for each person) that drops nothing more than a little piece of their mind.

Here's the post

LadyLee said...

Well I didn't believe it. It didn't line up with scripture. No man knows the day or hour. period. So of course, we all get ready for work on Monday. I didn't expect any different.

I too feel some kind of way for his followers. They shouldn't be mocked the way they are being mocked.


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