Monday, May 2, 2011

What I've Learned

1. I'm not the best writer in the world by any shape of the imagination...probably not the best blogger either, but I know what I do...and what I do, I'm damn good at it!

2.In the end...It's human contact, friendships, reltionships that really make you happy...nothing else!

3.Don't surround yourself with stupid people....I've always surrounded myself with pretty smart and pretty positive people..You truly are judged by the company you keep!(My Mother taught me that.)

4.I've always liked my first name...It was short, easy to spell (although I've had teachers who've spelled my name wrong) and easy to remember...I've known so many people who didn't like their name and have gone around all of their lives with a nickname..That's so tragic.

5.My Grandfather used to tell me that the Devil was on one shoulder and that there was an Angel on my other shoulder and that both of them was vying for my attention. I used to wonder sometimes why it seemed like the Devil was yelling louder in my one ear!

6.There are some mistakes it doesn't pay to make...They may change the entire course of your life.

7."As Long as you can be convinced that you never did anything, you can never DO anything." Malcolm X said that...It's true!

8.Don't Allow too many negative thoughts to cross your can become habit forming.

9.I appreciate the seeming mistakes in life that turn into great opportunity and invention.

10.I've learned to let other people run their mouths, while I run my business. (My Grandmother taught me that...)



Big Mark 243 said...

Way cool list!

Ralph said...

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