Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One Pint!

I'm sure the Tea Party and the holier than thou Obama haters are going to have a field day with this.."See, instead of drinking beer in Ireland, he should be trying to lower these gas prices." or "They got time to drink beer in Ireland ,while our boys are still in Afghanistan.." See, I know they'll say that because everytime the man takes any kind of break...This is the type of rhetoric they toss out...Not to be picking on Former President Bush...but wasn't he on a retreat at Camp David the summer of 2001 when FBI agents and both Israeli intelligence and agents from West Germany were trying to get his attention about 19 young men in the United States who appeared to be suspicious and were all of a sudden interested in aviation lessons??Hmmmmm!

All jokes aside Thousands of well-wishers who waited in pounding rain and hail for as long as three hours, shouted "Welcome home, Mr. President!" and had a pint of Guinness  to greet President Obama in his ancestral home of Moneygall this afternoon.

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama set down in the tiny hamlet (pop. 296...I've got more people on my block!) in County Offaly to greet residents of the town where President Obama's great-great-great grandfather was born.(On his mother's side of the family for those of you scratching your head.)

"I"m so nervous I can't talk," said John Donovan, a shopkeeper, funeral director and farmer who owns President Obama's ancestral home . "We have the place spic-and-span" for the president's visit." he said.

Asked if he would serve tea, Donovan told reporters traveling with the President, "I think he's more interested in a pint."

Indeed, Barack and Michelle did lift a pint of Guinness in a Moneygall pub, surrounded by smiling distant kin and other locals.

He's entitled to some r&r...Being the leader of the free world is stressful...The man just put Osama Bin Laden on the spot...outwitted Donald Trump, totally discredited the birthers and has scared the living daylights out of several would be Republican contenders who have suddenly decided not to run and risk embarrassing themselves....I'd say that deserves a beer!  , At least one pint!

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Sean said...

At least one! LOL!


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