Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Game Takes Another Turn

It's Thursday and the Republican controlled house and it's bastard children, the Tea Party are still playing "chicken with my future.... There is still no deal, no compromise as far as this Debt Ceiling Thing is going...I'm still pissed.

A default, an inability to pay bills, a bad credit rating, the collapse of some world markets and the rising of interest rates doesn't seem to matter to any of them.  I haven't heard one, not one of these jerks come up with an alternative that could stave off any of this...

No..They keep repeating the same crap that they have been repeating...Cut entiltlements
(Social Security,Medicare and medicaid) , but keep those tax breaks for the wealthy and the multi-national corporations...after all..If they are allowed to pocket more money, they'll create jobs...

Oh come on..They've been saying the same thing since Ronald Reagon was president...Has anybody actually seen a lot of new jobs created? No..Of course not..
What they've done is moved  their operations overseas....paid some Mexican, some Indian, Some African way less than they would pay you and I and not had to pay them benefits..Thus increasing their profits and giving them more money to stuff in their bulging pockets... and I remain unemployed and broke...They championed de-regulation right?  But they proved that you can't trust these corporations on their own...Which is what led to the near collapse in 2008.

We are in debt because of two wars (started during a Republican administration) and de-regulation......Why are any of you still voting Republican???? Huh???Why is anyone even listening to them?? They aren't saying anything new , They aren't offering any new suggestions or solutions...All they are doing is bashing the President and refusing to compromise with him...How much further down the toilet does the nation have to go?

Yesterday,things took a dramatic turn in the fight over whether we'll default on our debt.

Progressives across the country organized over 800 rallies nationwide that generated a flood of pressure on these Republicans. President Obama's speech led to so many people contacting Congress yesterday that the switchboard jammed.

Now Speaker John Boehner is struggling to get enough votes to pass his terrible proposal through the Republican House.

But suddenly, there's a path to a deal that doesn't simply cut Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid to pay for tax breaks for the rich.

These next 3 days are crucial, and progressives and the left need to turn up the heat even further.

I have heard that some folks are planning an emergency rally on the Capitol steps Friday and are recording new ads targeting swing Republicans, and keeping the pressure on Democrats so they stand strong.

Somebody needs to do something...We no longer have time to sit back and do nothing while these idiots from the Tea Party influence the House to play with people's futures.

The President needs all of the help like minded people can give him...He can't do it by himself!

And yeah, in case yall missed it..This is a partisan as a mug public service announcemant from the Maverick of All Bloggers!


James Perkins said...

Well written Keith...I totally agree!

Sean said...

Tell em how you really feel Keith!LMBAO!


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