Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Bain of His Existence

Okay..Okay...stop snickering....That photoshopped photo above is a play on the new Batman movie for those of you who didn't get it...The latest villian is Bane...get it ,Bane, Bain?

Okay ,moving on...Bain Capital is something Mitt Romney and everyone in his camp would like to go away...In the past few days, President Obama's camp has fired shots at Mitt Romney's camp charging that while he was President or CEO of Bain Capital, Mitt Romney outsourced a number of American jobs overseas...Something Mr. Romney catagorgically denies...but something that is becoming more and more evident..just judging by all the hue and cry over the accusations...

According to MoveOn -"Explosive news broke last week that Mitt Romney may have been in charge of Bain Capital well after he claimed to leave it in 1999, as Bain continued to outsource American jobs.

Mitt Romney's own tax returns could help clear up his actual role at Bain during this time and his responsibility for what happened to those workers, but he's refusing to release them. Hmmmmm..Wonder why?

Even Mr. Romney's Republican allies, including two governors, are now calling on him to release more of his returns.  And guess what? The one complete tax return Mr. Romney did release details massive offshore investments in the Cayman Islands and a Swiss bank account. Sounds like the dirty(but ficticious) dealings I've been writing about on my other blog, Escapades.

The bottom line is that if Mr. Romney has nothing to hide...Then he should come clean..Produce a full disclosure of his tax returns to prove otherwise... If this sounds a bit nit picky and petty...It's no more so than all of those people who demanded the President produce his birth certificate..  Think about it!


James Perkins said...

Now That's Funny! Romney as Bain! LMBAO!

Brenda said...


Sunflower said...

So True..I co-sign on all of this!

Captain Jack said...

They can dish it out, but they can't take it! LOL!


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