Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday 7 (7 Things people do that irk me on social media)

1. Excessive Tweeting.... I got to my twitter page and find 100 tweets from the same person tweeting on the minute about any and everything. I can't even see my own tweets and updates.

2.Someone who "likes" every single one of my Status Updates on Facebook , but yet never comments. - Might be me, but that's just a tad bit creepy.

3.Someone who lurks on both my Facebook page and Twitter page..Never commenting, but then commenting out of the blue on the street about something I wrote a week ago. -That irks the hell out of me...

4.People who leave vague and over dramatic Status updates- These are designed to get you to ask them what is wrong....Then after you do...You don't hear anymore from them.

5.People who Tweet too much information- Ex- "I'm on the toilet"  - Nobody really needs to know that!.

6.Foul Language -I'm not a prude but...Profanity  just for Profanity sake is never cool...(Especially when you know that the person doesn't talk that way in public!)

7.People who ask me about my "friends" -(who they don't know-) and then try to play internet cop and chide me for making friends with "people I don't know"  They're basing this on the fact that THEY don't know them.

Stay Kool in this heat!


That's My Desire said...

I cant believe you like social networking at all. The popular sites that is.

blujewel said...

As you can tell, I'm rarely on FB and when I am, the stay is brief. I don't have a Twitter account; nor do I see the need for one. I agree with all points made; most specifically, the about the person who "likes" or has to comment on EVERYTHING.

SLC said...

Facebook update example.

Oh my GOD!!!!! This is terrible. I don't know how I'm going to go on after this. FB fam please pray for me.

All drama, but no information.

When things are that bad for me, I don't have time to go FB crazy.

Here, here on all the other points also.



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