Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Does The Punishment Fit the Crime?

Does the punishment fit the crime....This is what I am asking today?

Look...we've all heard about it over the weekend.  This story was second, only to the horrible tragedy in Aurora,Colorado...Penn State Football a longtime powerhouse program that was once one of the cleanest, most admired programs in all of college sports, escaped the so-called death penalty from the NCAA on Monday but was dealt a heavy blow that will cripple it for years to come.

The university agreed to an unprecedented $60 million fine, a four-year ban from postseason play and a cut in the number of football scholarships it can award - the price it will pay for having looked the other way while that freak ,Jerry Sandusky brought boys onto campus and molested them.

The NCAA also erased 14 years of victories, wiping out 111 of Paterno's wins and stripping him of his standing as the most successful coach in the history of big-time college football. Now come on...You're going to rewrite history? Seriously?? I think that that is a little much...I call it, picking on the dead guy...I don't know if all or any of you agree.

''Football will never again be placed ahead of educating, nurturing and protecting young people,'' NCAA President Mark Emmert declared.

Penn State meekly accepted its punishment, pledging to hold itself to high standards of honesty and integrity.
Penn State spokesman David La Torre said university President Rodney Erickson had no choice but to acquiesce, given the threat of a total shutdown of the football program.

''It was clear Penn State faced an alternative - a long-term death penalty and additional sanctions for the program, university and whole community. Given the situation, he believed the sanctions offered and accepted was the appropriate and course of action,'' La Torre said.
At a student union on campus, several dozen alumni and students gasped, groaned and whistled as they watched Emmert's news conference. The news was a crushing blow to many students. Nicole Lord, a senior, questioned why Penn State's student body, and especially its athletes, should be punished ''for the wrongs of three men and a monster.''

This is what I'm questioning...Joe Paterno...whether he did enough, and I'm leaning on the side that he didn't do enough in this matter...is dead!  Jerry Sandusky is in prison for the rest of his natural life where he should be... and the two other officials are on trial.... I see no need to further penalize students who weren't even attending Penn State at the time these atrocities occurred....The Football team!

My opinion is in the minority . Most people around me feel as though Penn State and it's culture is getting just what it deserves....I'm not saying they are all wrong....They did put that powerhouse football program and all of the money and fame that it generated ahead of those poor kids....I'm just saying that making other kids pay for it...Isn't right either!  Just my humble opinion.


James Perkins said...

All the Joe Paterno and Penn State supporters are up in arms over the NCAA's sanctions against Penn State Football. They say it was too harsh and that Joe didn't do anything it was Sandusky that did everything. To me turning a blind eye and then concealing and covering up the crimes of a pedophile for at least 13 years is almost as bad as being a part of the crimes themselves. These supporters should consider the victims and their families instead of being so concerned about the "Football Program", that's want got Penn State in this predicament in the first place...

Yvonne Anderson said...

Since when is it ok to punish the masses for the wrong doings of a few. I feel incredibly sad for the business community in State College who feed their families from the income made from football season and the students whose lives are shaped from those critical 4 years. They did nothing wrong. There are now new victims to add to this already unbelievably sad story. How many more do there need to be? I don't think ruining the lives of others will help the victims and their families. I do agree with the fine to help those around the country. That should have been the message sent.

Keith said...

Shots Fired!


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