Wednesday, December 26, 2012

HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY!!! (5 years in this Blogging game!)

Can you believe it was five years ago that this blog first began??? Yes..It was five years ago...But not only did this blog begin...but it was also a beginning for me...It was my entering into the wide wide world of the internet..

"Keith's Space" ...this little blog of mine was my introduction into the online world.... I published one three line post on that day and promised to come back with more posts in the coming year...2008.  I sure did...and I met other folks who also had blogs...Folks like Zack of "Go Zack" , who unfortunately, no longer publishes that blog...Mizrepresent , Eb The Celeb, Karrie B. , Pocohontaz, Ladylee, Don, 12Kyle, Southern Gal, Bored and Talkative, SLC and many many more...

People who like me, were finding their voices through this thing called Blogging... We helped get a President elected...(Twice) we shared our highs and lows....and we went on to become friends on both Facebook and Twitter...

If not for this blog...I would not be in any of those domains... I owe it all to my wife... She had started a blog for our first grandchild  a year before....and had been begging me to start one of my own...I finally gave in and the day after Christmas, 2007...we sat down and she came up with the basic  design of this blog..(She has designed all of my blogs templates.)

We came up with a format...I said I wanted this blog to be about whatever was on my mind on any given day....I did a play on words of the popular social media format Myspace and came up with the name- "Keith's Space" and the rest is as they say...History...

By July of 2008, My blog was pretty popular,I was being added to people's lists and getting a lot of responses from all over the nation... So I created another blog..."Escapades" - Which features my poetry and Fiction and now also includes art, music and erotica....Serial Fiction and Short Stories....Two years later,I created "Good Foodie" my food blog...Not creating any more...Just having fun writing these three..

So what can I say?  Three blogs, a Facebook page and a Twitter account with friends and associates from around the globe...Who would have thought it, huh?   And I owe it all to this blog...My window into the new world!!!

Five years !  I'm just shaking my head!


Mizrepresent said...

Happy Anniversay! It's been a great 5 years and so nice getting to know you via the blog, Facebook and Twitter my brother from another mother :)

Keith said...

Likewise Miz!

LadyLee said...

Congrats on 5 years, sir! I have enjoyed reading your thoughts!


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