Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Battle For Michigan

Apparently, Republican lawmakers in the state of Michigan have learned nothing from the people in the State of Wisconsin...And they apparently don't realize that they lost big in the recent elections...They are going full speed ahead in their war against the working class and middle class Americans....

Michigan lawmakers gave final approval yesterday to legislation that would sharply limit labor rights, passing the first of two measures over the objections of thousands of people packing the Capitol in protest, some of whom chanted "Shame on you!" at lawmakers from the House gallery.

Yes...Shame on them...Shame , shame ,shame...and these people should take names and make sure that every legislator who voted for this pay for it, come the next election.

By a 58-51 vote, the Republican-led House passed a bill that would ban workplace rules that make union membership a condition of employment for government workers. It then approved a second bill, covering private-sector workers, by a vote of 58-52. After final parliamentary maneuvering, the bills will head to Gov. Rick Snyder, who said Tuesday that he would sign them.

This legislation would make Michigan —which I here to for thought was one of the most union-friendly states in the country — the 24th "right to work" state, making payment of union dues voluntary even though the union negotiates on a worker's behalf.
Governor Snyder told NBC News' Andrea Mitchell that he was "pro-collective bargaining," but he said right-to-work laws denied workers freedom of choice.
"I think it's a good thing," he said of the legislation. "I think it's pro-worker."

This is an example of what my grandmother used to call throwing bath water in my face and telling me it's raining...(Bath water is not actually what she said...but you get the message!) Sounds good on the surface, but it's really not!

As the vote was taking place, as many as 10,000 people descended on the Capitol, State Police estimated, prompting authorities to restrict access to the building because it was at its capacity of 2,000. The overflow filled the lawn and stretched down East Michigan Avenue to the Lansing Center across the river several blocks away.
About 200 onlookers filled the gallery overlooking the House floor Tuesday. As debate resumed on one of the bills, the session was interrupted with protesters yelling, "Shame on you," NBC News' Nadine Comerford reported.
After the votes, protesters then moved to the building housing Snyder's office, chanting, "Governor Snyder, just say no!"

Law enforcement officials said they wouldn't let Michigan become another Wisconsin, where demonstrators occupied the state Capitol around the clock for nearly three weeks last year to protest similar legislation.

Armed with tear gas canisters, pepper spray and batons, State Police officers guarded the Capitol as protesters shouted "No justice, no peace!" and "Shut it down!"

State Police officials confirmed that one of their troopers used pepper spray on one protester. Police spokesmen said the man was sprayed when he grabbed a trooper and tried to pull her into the crowd.

The man wasn't arrested, but two other people were arrested after they tried to force their way into another building on the grounds where Snyder has offices, police said.
A tent set up by supporters of the measures also collapsed amid what authorities described as "pushing and shoving" among protesters. No one was hurt, police said.
Elsewhere on the lawn, four large inflatable rats were set up to mock Snyder, House Speaker Jase Bolger, Senate Republican leader Randy Richardville, and Dick DeVos, a prominent conservative businessman who union leaders say is behind the bills.

Schools in at least three districts were closed because so many teachers and other staff were at the rally.

Valerie Constance, a developmental reading instructor for the Wayne County Community College District and a member of the American Federation of Teachers, sat on the Capitol steps with a sign shaped like a tombstone. It read: "Here lies democracy.


They (Republicans) don't get it...And I'm afraid that if they don't "get it" soon...Many states are going to wind up like California...So dominated by the Democrats that if every Republican legislator stayed at home...It wouldn't matter....And that's not good for Democracy either...A one party system...I want it to be a two party system...I think their should be reasonable idealistic debate....But as long as one party is sytematically trying to turn America into a caste system of just filthy rich and  filthy...that's not going to happen.

People are going to always look out for their own self interest...And the Republican party seems to be acting only in the interest of two percent of the population...That's not good....

There goes Democracy!


Brenda said...

Police,fireman,teachers ,all out there on the picket line Keith and I know what you are saying but look at history and what you and your family have because of Unions....without them no company will pay a living wage and we will all be poor and unable to feed our children.....the Koch Brothers financed what happend in Michigan yesterday....unions built this great nation.

Sean said...

As union membership goes down, all middle-class incomes shrink.That's what they ultimately want! Coming to a state near you!

Halo said...

I'm Voting all democratic from now on! Take back our nation from this greedy slave drivers.

Sunflower said...

Do you blame the Tiger when it eats the bunny? This is what Republicans do -why is anyone surprised?

Anonymous said...

i'm big labor force supporter, they need to reform their way of doing business
in the 21st century,pac dollars to politicians don't work anymore,as with everything else the unions have to change with the times,prove that there is value with joining and prove that the dues is being used to support the right candidates and image of being loud and violent has to go away.don't go to bed with strangers to support the honest with the workers of America,that globalization is changing everything.


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