Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What I've Learned

1. Make your bed up in other peoples homes and you'll definitely be invited back!

2.I am my best when I stay away from other people's expectations.

3.My ego is like your friend's kid in the basement....best to keep him busy!

4.History depends on your point of view...

5. I asked my grandfather once..."If the lion is the king of the jungle, how come the man always cages him and wins?" My grandfather replied..."Because the lion isn't writing the story."

6.Never confuse perception with intelligence.

7.Utilize the path of least resistance first!

8.When somebody says to you that they're not that smart, they're actually saying the exact opposite.

9.Sometimes I think God is close to getting to the point where he says -"It's time to reboot!"

10. Life really is unfair sometimes!



Daddy Squeeze Me! said...

ill take number 10 with me all through life. I am 23, but i see a lot of people whom I just can not understand why they get all the opportunities in the world and they appreciate them zero percent! sucks.

Arlene said...

Wise words Keith! Numbers 4 and 5 have been made more clear to me since I started watching Oliver Stone's documentaries on WWI and II. Boy did the victors tell a convoluted story. And there was one Wallace --Henry--who might have made an truly historic difference in America had Franklin Roosevelt kept him as vice president after Wallace spoke out for equal rights for blacks and women. Yes, life just isn't fair!


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